Weird Shoe Wednesdays: Chainmail Booties from United Nude

Ugly Shoes seemed to hate these booties but I think they actually look good. These shoes are a collaboration between United Nude and designer Iris van Herpen. Not sure if they were inspired by chainmail in the least. But they certainly look strong enough to stop a broadsword hit.

United Nude x Iris van Herpen booties

Photo: United Nude

What do you think about these shoes?

Weird Shoe Wednesdays: Do-It-Yourself Moon Shoes

Do you remember those fun arts & crafts activities when you’d punch out a bunch of thin wood pieces from a sheet of wood? There were instructions telling you which piece slid into which slots and at the end you’d have like a race car or a butterfly or a ship or something? So imagine that concept … but using it to build shoes.

That’s the concept behind United Nude’s platform sandals below. You can see all the pieces spread out in the first photo and then how they combine into a platform sandal in the second photo.

Photo: Design Milk

Photo: Design Milk

Photo: Design Milk

Photo: Design Milk

Designed for the “Moon Life” project, the idea is to create shoes that could be worn in outer space, if life in space is indeed in our future. I’m not sure how they’d know but apparently these shoes are suited for the temperature and pressure of space. They can obviously be packed easily when broken down. Most of the shoe parts are made from carbon fiber but the upper pieces are leather. Each shoe can be assembled in about 10 minutes.

These sandals aren’t available yet but they will eventually be released in very limited quantities through the Moon Life project site and through United Nude’s site. Via Design Milk.