Nike Stores Launch Twitter RSVP

Ever gone in for a pair of fresh new Nikes and come out with a fresh pair of black eyes?




We feel your pain.

Mobs of anxious Nike enthusiasts waiting in line for days to get their feet into the newest release from the athletic shoe gurus aren’t going to play nice when those doors open up and that burst of fresh leather and plastic hits their faces. Oh no, they won’t play nice at all.

In an effort to make the experience of landing your fresh pair of sneaks a more enjoyable one, Nike has made it possible for you to reserve a pair via Twitter. Yes, Twitter.

Nike has set up designated “RSVP Dates” on which they will Tweet a hashtagged term relating to the shoe that is being released. Nike’s followers then have one hour to direct message the store with the hashtag, last four digits of their State/Passport/Military/School ID number, and shoe size. A successful Nike shoe reservation will be confirmed by a direct message from Nike to the follower. All that’s left is to snag your sneaks from the store. Done and done.

Check out more info on Nike’s Twitter RSVP here.

What do you guys think? Good idea, or is Nike just getting sneaky (Ha! Because they sell sneakers…get it?) about building their Twitter following?

Would you use Nike’s Twitter RSVP?

Weird Shoe Thursdays: Facebook and Twitter Shoes from Adidas

Apologies again for my tardiness. It’s been extremely busy around the offices. But really, any day is a great day to check out weird shoes.

If you really wanted to shout your zeal for social media, check out these Facebook and Twitter shoes which I snagged from BuzzFeed. So far, these are only conceptual designs but they certainly look legitimate enough for production. These are designed by Gerry Mckay for Adidas. Each shoe is a take on the iconic Adidas Superstar shell-toe kicks. They feature Facebook and Twitter’s respective colorways as well as signature details such as Facebook’s tagline/slogan printed on the inner collar and the Twitter bird icon.

Photo: BuzzFeed

Photo: BuzzFeed

Photo: BuzzFeed

Photo: BuzzFeed

Do you love Facebook and/or Twitter? Enough to wear these shoes?

Congrats to Our iPod Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to the winner of our iPod Giveaway on Twitter, @seasister! @seasister has won a Silver 8GB iPod Nano (5th Generation). Because of her and everyone that entered our contest, @shoemetro now has more than 700 followers on Twitter. Thanks to everyone that participated! Stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook pages for our latest shoes, deals, and giveaways!

iPod Nano Giveaway!

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