Hand-Painted Twilight Converse Chucks


A talented artist and devoted Twilight fan who goes by Alcat2021 is selling some nice custom Twilight Chucks on Etsy, a website that deals exclusively in hand-crafted goods. The shoes feature a variety of choice characters, symbols, scenes, and quotes from the Twilight Saga. The prices are pretty steep, but I’m sure your love for Twilight runs much deeper anyway so that might not even be an issue. And if you can’t find your absolute most extremely favorite-est character, symbol, scene, and/or quote from Twilight among the available collection of Converses, don’t worry: Alcat2021 does custom orders with anything Twilight-related that you can imagine.

By Alcat2021

Photo by Alcat2021

Alternatively, also has a wide selection of Twilight Converse Chucks and will also make custom shoes tailored exactly the way you want them. More pics after the jump.

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Bella’s Shoes in New Moon: The Twilight Saga

I couldn’t leave for the weekend without mentioning the phenomenon that is The Twilight Saga. New Moon, the latest movie in the series, premieres today (that is, it premiered last night at the stroke of midnight to legions of bloodthirsty fans). Since we know that all these Twilight characters are way too cool for school to the max, I thought it’d be neat to look into the footwear of one of them, namely Bella.

Bella goes through at least a couple of pairs of shoes in New Moon. Earlier in the summer, she was spotted in a couple pairs of Keds “Champion” lace-ups, one in navy blue (above) and one in beige, while shooting two different scenes in New Moon (the reunion scene and a LaPush scene, respectively). Check out the beige Keds and another pair of shoes that Bella sports in New Moon, after the jump.

Worn during the reunion scene in New Moon

Worn during the reunion scene in New Moon

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