Sorta staying in the same inspirational mood as yesterday’s post about TOMS Shoes, Adidas announced earlier this week that it was in the process of developing extremely cheap trainers to aid the millions of people worldwide who do not own shoes. As it hasn’t finalized the design and/or production costs of the shoe yet, it hasn’t finalized a price yet either. But Adidas is aiming for a €1 price point (about $1.50USD). The company plans to begin production in Bangladesh next year.

Can you imagine: shell-toes for about $1.50?

Can you imagine: shell-toes for $1.50?

Adidas likely isn’t doing this for the most admirable of reasons, like TOMS Shoes. Sports apparel companies like Adidas and Nike continually come under fire for exploiting workers in developing countries. This is probably just a move to clean up the company image a bit. Still, this is very positive news and hopefully, it’s a sign of a growing trend of socially responsible business. And hopefully, Adidas also decides to promote their new shoes by reuniting Run-DMC (with all due respect to the late Jam Master Jay, of course).

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