New Shoes In-Stock: BOBS by Skechers

We previewed the new BOBS by Skechers shoes earlier this week and now they’re available on (I know–super-quick, right?). Like we said before, these BOBS by Skechers are inspired by the TOMS shoes 1-to-1 charity model: for every pair of BOBS that’s sold, Skechers will donate a second pair to a child in need. Have a heart and try a pair of BOBS.

We have the traditional BOBS shoes–called Earth Day–with classic canvas in Navy, Gray, and Black. But we also have a sequined spin on those BOBS, Earth Mama, in Black and Silver. Click the links for your fave color or you can also click on the images below to check them out.

BOBS by Skechers Earth Day shoes

BOBS by Skechers Earth Day shoes in Navy

BOBS by Skechers Earth Day shoes

BOBS by Skechers Earth Day shoes in Gray

BOBS by Skechers Earth Mama shoes

BOBS by Skechers Earth Mama shoes in Black

Can You Go One Day Without Shoes?

TOMS Shoes wants you to go barefoot for a day on April 8th so you can step into the shoes (so to speak) of the thousands of impoverished children around the world who can’t afford shoes. Check out the video below, consider participating on April 8th, and maybe just go get yourself some TOMS shoes (which would then donate another pair to a child in need).

Running With Heels Interviews Founder of TOMS Shoes (again)

Blake Mycoskie is more or less my hero and he seems to be a favorite over at Running With Heels as well, where he was interviewed for a second time in just a few months (I highlighted a different interview back in November). Blake Mycoskie is the founder of TOMS Shoes, a very generous, charitable shoe company that works to alleviate poverty all around the globe. TOMS works on a one-to-one giving model meaning that if you buy a pair of TOMS shoes for yourself, the company donates another pair to impoverished children in South America and Ethiopia.



According to this most recent interview, TOMS has donated more than 500,000 pairs of shoes to these children and it plans to donate another 500,000 this year. Apparently, this is just one part of a larger effort to eradicate Podoconiosis, a crippling foot disease common in Southern Ethiopia caused by walking barefoot on certain types of fertile, volcanic soil. Check out the rest of the short interview with this saint of an entrepreneur. He never ceases to admire.