Weird Shoe Wednesdays: From Sneakers to Sandals in an Instant

For those times when you mistakenly wear high-top sneakers only to realize how terribly hot it is outside, you now have the perfect shoe for that occasion. Deemed the Modular Shoes, these shoes convert into a number of different styles thanks to the copious number of zippers embedded into the design. So you want to rock the flip-flop sandals instead of the sneakers after all? A little zip-zip here and there and voila!

Weird Shoe Wednesdays: Hermes Wears Adidas

For those of us who were ever into Greek mythology as kids, adidas has introduced what looks like a modern update on the shoes of Hermes, messenger to the gods who wore winged sandals. The adidas Leather Wings 2.0 are designed by Jeremy Scott as part of his adidas Originals by Originals collection. They feature leather wings on either side of the sneakers as well as lace jewels in the classic black-white, three-stripe adidas design. They come out on August 10.

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Weird Shoe Wednesdays: Shoes That Grow With Kids’ Feet

INCHworm shoes are actually a really great idea. These shoes are designed specifically for kids. As many parents would know, kids grow up fast and they grow out of their shoes even faster. INCHworm shoes are designed for you to be able to adjust the size of the shoes to fit your growing child. These sneakers utilize iFit Technology (that’s the accordion-like part in the middle) to let you expand the shoes in 1/2 size increments for up to 3 full sizes.

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Weird Shoe Wednesday: Dr. Seuss Shoe-Bike

The world needs to do more to mimic the fantastical sights seen in the world of Dr. Seuss’s beloved books. Maybe then we can achieve world peace. The wheels on the bike below have been substituted with sneakers to resemble a famous image from a Dr. Seuss book (shout-outs to the first person to name the correct book from which it comes). Below that, check out a quick video of the bike in action.

Weird Shoe Wednesdays: Teeth Shoes

Today on Weird Shoe Wednesday, we’ll be looking at teeth-inspired shoes. I’ve very recently gotten braces installed and so all I can think about is how much my teeth hurt when I attempt to eat my favorite foods (I can’t believe I can’t eat Peanut M&M’s anymore!) or even when I brush. My obsession has driven my search for any sort of combination of teeth and shoes.

And, wow …… I found these. This is a sculpture by artist Robin McCauley. Thankfully, he used fake teeth and a pair of women’s shoes he found at a thrift store. But still, how scary are these? I know the teeth are on the outside but I still can’t help imagining the heels chewing and feasting on any feet that dare slip into them. *chills* Continue Reading…

Shoe Metro Employee Spotlight: Vince

One of the original reasons we started this blog was because we know that shopping online can be a highly impersonal experience. Even though you’re shopping with us, you never see our faces and often never hear our voices. You don’t get a sense that someone is there to help you. And that might discourage you from asking for help in the first place if you need it.

We want to let you know that yes, there are real people behind your computer screen waiting to serve you and fulfill your shopping needs. Our new Employee Spotlight series not only highlights some of our most hard-working employees. It also gives you a glimpse into who we are.

Vince, Shoe Metro's sneaker fiend

Vince, Shoe Metro's sneaker fiend. Photo by Chris.

We’ll kick it off today with Vince. Vince has been working with us for the past two years in our Listing Department. In his short time, he’s worked his way up to become the top Lister and the department’s Training Supervisor. However, when he’s not at Shoe Metro, Vince is an avid sneaker collector. We asked Vince some questions about his sneaker obsession:

So how many shoes do you have in your collection?
I stopped counting a few years ago. But I’d guess about 150 pairs now.

When did you start collecting sneakers?
I’ve always been into shoes since middle school but I never had the money to afford them. So I didn’t seriously get into collecting until high school when I got my first job—a “Sandwich Artist” at Togo’s. And that was actually one of the main reasons I got a job in the first place.

That’s awesome. But why sneakers? Why not rocks or stamps or something?
It’s just like any other hobby, but shoes have a sense of style. Some people get tattoos, some people get piercings, weird haircuts, and whatnot. Shoes are just my way of doing it. They don’t just sit in my room like a shrine. I wear them too. I sometimes buy two pairs of shoes: one to keep [in my collection], one to wear. I never buy anything that doesn’t look good, that I wouldn’t wear myself. Continue Reading…

Reebok Pump Omni Lite – Winter 2009 Releases

You guys will just have to put up with my sneaker obsession a little bit more. Reebok is releasing another set of colorways for their popular Pump Omni Lite kicks. There are four new colorways. The green/brown shoes have kind of a boot-like feel with the metal d-rings and the earthy tones. The standout is the lumberjack-inspired shoe, green with red and black plaid (this must be Reebok’s way of going green). There are also two grey colorways which are more low-key.

Check out a slew of close-ups after the jump (via Sneaker Obsession).

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PHANTACi x Nike Air Max 1 Grand Piano

Boooooo. I came down with a cold. Now I need some cool kicks in my life to get my spirits back up and trek through the day.

A store named PHANTACi will be releasing 400 pairs of these really nice “Grand Piano” Nike Air Max 1 sneakers. Designed by artist Jay Chou, the Grand Piano’s feature shiny leathers that create a high contrast look, giving off the impression of a clean, pristine grand piano. It also features gold detailing and pink velvet lining (the signature color of the store). The Grand Piano’s will be released this Saturday, but only in Taiwan. Collectors should definitely be on the lookout. More pics after the jump.

Photo: Sneaker Me Stupid

Photo: Sneaker Me Stupid

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Nike Air Max 90 Hamburger

Have you ever seen shoes so good-looking that you could just eat them up? I guess artist Olle Hemmendorff has and decided to make that feeling into a reality when Nike commissioned him and 7 other artists to showcase their Nike-inspired creations at 1912 Space. Check out Sneakerfiles for more info on the different ingredients in the shoe.

After the jump, check out some Asics that would go perfectly with that burger. Now excuse me … I suddenly have this inexplicable craving for McDonald’s.

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