Meet Dr. Shoe, Ph.D in Shoeology

Photo: Peoples District

Photo: People's District

There’s this great blog called People’s District that collects stories from locals all over Washington, D.C., the sort of locals who you’d usually only know about if you were born and raised in D.C. Just looking at the stories posted in March, there are interviews with people like the head of the D.C. Metro Area Ghost Watchers, a dominatrix, national sportscaster James Brown on D.C. sports history, and also, this interview with Dr. Shoe, a shoe shine street vendor. He discusses his Ph.D in Shoeology. Here’s a grab:

“After 5:30 p.m., I go by the Palm Restaurant and then head out by the bars until midnight. I get most of my shoe shines at night because, after happy hour, everyone is happy and wants to get a shoe shine. I put that glow on their toe. They call me Dr. Shoe because I have my Ph.D. in shoeology. See, I went to Shoe U. to make those shoes look new. My motto is that if you don’t like your shine, you don’t pay a dime. I want to make everyone look shiny and bright because, when I finish, everything’s going to be alright.”

Check out the rest of the interview here. And while you’re at it, you should read some of the other interviews too.

Formula One Car Made Out of Puma Shoe Boxes

Continuing with the “shoe car” theme of this week’s Weird Shoe Wednesdays, here’s an interesting video I found where two designers make a model car out of shoe boxes. Puma commissioned The Wilson Brothers, a design duo from Britain specializing in auto parts, to make a model Formula One race car out of Puma shoe boxes. This was done to kick-start the opening of a new Puma store in Chicago. See the team in action in the time-lapse video below.

Check out another video below where Puma had its Ferrari-branded shoes and clothing turned into an F1 car as well. Continue Reading…

Shoes at The Oscars 2010

Anna Kendrick in Sergio Rossi Suede Birdcage Sandals

Anna Kendrick in Sergio Rossi Suede Birdcage Sandals

The lovely blogger over at Shoe-A-Day did an excellent job today (actually, very, very early this morning) compiling some of the best shoes showcased at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony and also figuring out what they were and where you might be able to purchase some for yourself. If you have a minute, head on over to Shoe-A-Day and show her some love. Personally, I favor Anna Kendricks’ nude plaform sandals (above) but there were plenty of great looks. Enjoy the rest below! Continue Reading…

Shoeblog Interviews Pasquale Fabrizio

Shoeblog recently had the wonderful privilege of speaking with Pasquale Fabrizio (click here for the interview), who you’ll remember as the ambitious designer of the forthcoming all-glass heels featured some weeks ago. It’s a good interview (with more great photos of the beautiful shoes as well) in which Fabrizio reveals his thought process and the inspiration behind the glass concoctions. He also talks about the difficult process of designing the shoes and having to bring in industrialists because they were more familiar with glass than any fashion designers. Finally, he has some interesting comments about the social value of shoes between men and women.

Photo: Shoeblog

Photo: Shoeblog

Unfortunately, it sounds like I guessed correctly that his line of glass shoes will only be available to Hollywood elite, being priced at $7,500. But he interestingly didn’t patent the process of developing the amazing sandals, leaving room for other designers to be able to build on his ideas in the future, possibly at an affordable price point for all of us to be able to enjoy. Here’s for looking to the future!

Continue Reading…

How-To Guide: How To Fix Broken High Heels

I recently took a gander at my sister’s shoes and they were in terrible shape. The uppers only had minor scuffs but the heels were absolutely mangled and I wondered how she could ever walk in them around the linoleum floors of her classroom (she’s a middle school teacher, by the way) all day long.

So for my sister, I’ve researched how to replace those damaged heel tips to enable smooth comfort again. I hope this helps you as much as it’s helped her!

Photo: TLC

Photo: TLC

Weird Shoe Wednesdays: ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Shoes

Nicholas Kirkwood announced plans to design a special pair of Alice In Wonderland-themed shoes for window display to coincide with the upcoming release of Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland movie. But what he didn’t know is that Miss Bunny, an artist on Etsy, already beat him to the punch.

These two pairs of Alice In Wonderland wedges take after the Cheshire Cat and the Queen of Hearts. As you can see, they’re decorated all sorts of trinkets from the movie including clocks, mushrooms, cake, and a deck of cards. The Cheshire Cat shoes have a tail that wraps up your ankle; the Queen of Hearts shoes have dual twisty ankle wraps adorned with even more playing cards. I’d say the tail is definitely the creepiest part of this whole mess. It reminds me of the Boyfriend Body Pillow that’s supposed to hug you to sleep but ends up feeling kinda disturbing. *shivers*

More pics after the jump.

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Weird Shoe Wednesdays: Shoe Bathtubs

Imagine taking a bath in a big, giant, fabulous shoe! How great would that be, right?

A designer in Italy had that exact idea and created a line of tubs that look like women’s platform heels. These tubs are built for you to recline into with your head at the heel and your feet at the toe. Water streams down from the jet at the heel and drains out at the toe. They come in a number of designs, all decorated in an elaborate glass mosaic style. There’s even one based on heels worn by a Barbie doll (the tubs were unveiled last year, which was Barbie’s 50th anniversary).



Photo: Manolo

Photo: Manolo's Shoe Blog

I just wish we could have shoe-shaped soap and shampoo bottles to go with the bathtubs. And shoe-shaped sponges. And shoe-shaped bubbles! At the very least, they should design a shower in the shape of a boot. THEN, my life would be complete.

A Few Ways to Help Haiti Relief Efforts

We’ve all heard about the tragedy and disaster that struck Haiti last week and I’m sure most of us have already made some sort of charitable donation to the Haiti relief efforts. But it still weighs heavy on my mind and so I must ask you to dig even deeper.



If you can’t afford another monetary donation, I’ve found a couple of ways to contribute some old stuff you might have laying around your house:

  • Shoe charity, Soles4Souls, has pledged to collect and send 250,000 pairs of used shoes to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. If you have old shoes that you don’t wear any more, you can donate them to Soles4Souls and they will send them to Haiti. If you’re in San Diego, you can actually come to our Shoe Metro retail store, drop off your shoes, and we’ll ship them to Soles4Souls. Otherwise, you can enter your Zip Code and find the nearest Soles4Souls drop-off location on their website.
  • ReCellular’s Phones for Haiti program sells old cell phones and donates the proceeds towards Haiti relief. You can donate your phone to Phones for Haiti by mail (you can even print a pre-paid shipping label on their website). ReCellular will sell then sell the phone and donate 100% of the proceeds to the American Red Cross. If you have any old cell phones laying around (I know I have plenty), please send it to Phones for Haiti.

And of course, if you can still make a monetary donation or haven’t yet made one, I strongly encourage you to donate to Doctors Without Borders. I’ve heard both the American Red Cross and Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti foundation come under fire for less-than-honest business practices. But I completely trust Doctors Without Borders and have already made my own personal contribution. Please, I implore you to help however you can.

How-To Guides are Up!

Hey everyone! I’ve been working on some shoe-related How-To Guides for the Resource Center on the Shoe Metro website. They’re up now and I’ll be adding another one each week (don’t worry, I’ll give you a heads up). I’d like to think that they are very informative and helpful but of course, I’m a little biased. =)

Photo: The E-Learning Domain

Photo: The E-Learning Domain

If they help you in the least, let me know. My ego is fragile and needs constant affirmation of awesomeness. Here’s a list of what I’ve worked on so far:

Sex and the City II Trailer + Shoes

A trailer and some pics for the Sex and the City II movie were released recently and, more importantly, kim of Shoeaholics Anonymous got a pretty good read of some of the shoes Carrie sports at various points in the movie.

According to kim:

  1. I’m pretty sure these are Christian Louboutin Leopard Pumps. I can’t tell if hers are peep-toe or not, so they could also be Christian Louboutin Pigalle Pony Fur Pumps. But I think they definitely have the signature CL red sole.
  2. These look similar to Christian Louboutin Cap-Toe T-Strap d’Orsay pumps, but the reference sites I found all seem to be replica CL’s. My guess is that at least one of her pairs of shoes will have been designed especially for the movie and will not be made available to the public until after the movie is a hit. They may even be Chanel, as Chanel is highly known for cap-toes.
  3. These are definitely Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers.

Kudos to kim for having such a great eye. Trailer after the jump, because I know everyone’s giddy with excitement!

Continue Reading…

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