Trend of the moment…. Glitter!

Hi! I’m Danielle, the buyer at Shoe Metro.

I have a deep love for fashion, interior design, and anything creative. When asked, I jumped at the opportunity to blog about fashion because it will give me a way to document all of my current fashion obsessions, inspirations, and ideas.

Fall’s latest footwear features glitz and glamour ranging from pumps covered in sequins to glitter saturated sandals. Perfect timing with the holidays right around the corner. Although the glitter trend seems to be more evening appropriate it can be dressed down as well.

Here are a couple of my favorites…

Miu Miu Glitter Peep Toe Pumps

Christian Louboutin Glitter Oxfords

Looking for some sparkly shoes for the holidays and the $700 price tag is a little too steep for you?

Check out the Steve Madden Haylow

I absolutely love these shoes! These would be perfect for a holiday party with a classic little black dress!

Weird Shoe Wednesday: Shoe Hats

This Friday is Hat Day at Shoe Metro. In preparation and inspiration for that fateful day, I present to you …… Shoe Hats! An assortment of hats fashioned after or actually made from shoes. Because shoes, especially high heels, are too beautiful to be all the way down at your feet. You have to raise them up high in the sky!

And who says that men can’t wear shoes are their heads too?

Weird Shoe Wednesdays: Shoes from Household Appliances

A popular London department store, Selfridges, commissioned Dutch design duo Lernert & Sander to create a series of window displays to promote their new shoe galleries. The designers came up with these amazing displays, turning a number of household appliances such as washers and irons into high heel shoes. The designers say it is “a humorous take on fashion as an ideal escape from the daily grind.” Check them out.

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Shoe Metro Doubles Its Warehouse Space

We never announced it but it was quite a big deal a few weeks ago when we finally finished installing the second level in our warehouse. The same time last year, we had roughly 90,000 pairs of shoes in stock. At last count, we have 150,000 pairs and I’d say we actually have closer to 180,000 pairs now. That’s double the amount in just a year, which means double the selection for our customers! We had to expand our warehouse and we finally finished construction recently. Check out a few flicks from our warehouse.

Here’s Row 12, looking up at Row 62 above.

But once we go up the stairs ……

…… we’re in Row 62, looking down on Row 12 below. =D

Weird Shoe Wednesdays: Hello Kitty x Dr. Martens Shoes

Wow, Dr. Marten’s is really going all out for their 50th anniversary. Last week, we saw their limited edition Dr. Marten’s flash drives. This week, I ran across these collaborations between Dr. Martens and Sanrio, the company behind Hello Kitty that also happens to be celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. The Hello Kitty-themed Mary Janes and boots both feature Hello Kitty’s signature bow and a Hello Kitty-Sanrio logo detail on the footbed. Check them out:

Are there any Hello Kitty fans out there? What do you think of these shoes?

Weird Shoe Wednesdays: Coloring Pencil Shoes Color While You Walk

Do you want to make your mark on the world? With these shoes, you could do just that. Literally.

These concept women’s sandals by designer Lauren Milroy are sculpted from coloring pencils in such a way so that when you walk, the pencils will draw on the ground. Think of the possibilities: dancing away on the concrete only to leave a beautiful mural in your stead, leaving messages in the sidewalk as you stroll. Although I guess wiping your feet might be an issue.

Weird Shoe Wednesdays: Shoe Flower Pots

I have absolutely no information on these shoes besides what you can observe with your very eyes. These are flower pots shaped like high-heel stiletto platforms. As you can see they do hold all sorts of plants. The large platform midsole holds the soil and the roots and the plant, of course, grows from there.If your garden needs a little jolt of style, you can add one of these flower pots to spice things up.

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Weird Shoe Wednesdays: The Shoe Tree in Middlegate, NV

While this isn’t about any particular shoe, I thought it was curious enough to warrant a “Weird Shoe Wednesday” post.

There’s a tree in Middlegate, Nevada on US Highway 50 that has somehow come to accumulate hundreds–if not thousands–of pairs of shoes on its branches and even on the floor, enough for it to be named The Shoe Tree. Of course, the shoes come from tourists and passers-by who contribute their own shoes to the monument. But just how it all started is a mystery.

Local legends vary but the two most popular stories both involve an argument between a married couple. In one scenario, a newlywed couple returning from Reno got in an argument during which the husband throws his wife’s shoes onto the tree. After a short time, they make up but the wife insists then that he throw his shoes too as a sign of unity.

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Work-Time Fun: KC & Sylvia’s Twin Game

Check out these pics from KC and Sylvia’s Secret Twin Game here at the Shoe Metro offices. The story goes that the two good friends had wanted to organize Twin Day across the whole office. But then they got the idea to dress as twins unannounced and see who would even notice. It took until 2pm in the afternoon before anyone noticed (I was the winner, thank you very much =D). After that, we had a mini-photo shoot in our warehouse, full of various shenanigans.

Come by the Shoe Metro Facebook page to check out more of the fun times! =)

Dieting Shoppers Wearing 6 Items of Clothing for a Month

I read about this in the New York Times the other day. There’s a small movement of people around the country who are going on “shopping diets.” Apparently, the current recession have made them realize how out-of-control their spending habits are. Centered around a website called Six Items or Less, they’ve committed to wearing only six pieces of clothing (not including underwear and shoes, of course) for an entire month.

So the question is: could you survive on only six items for a month?

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