Shoe Metro Paintball Day

Some of us at Shoe Metro went out for paintballing yesterday morning at The Paintball Park on the Miramar military base. For many of us, it was our first time. And we had lots of fun. Between sliding around in the dirt, ducking behind bales of hay, and of course, spraying beloved coworkers with yellow paint, it was one of our most enjoyable outings yet. Check out a few pics below and when you’re done, go to our Facebook page for more! =)

Shoe Metro Doubles Its Warehouse Space

We never announced it but it was quite a big deal a few weeks ago when we finally finished installing the second level in our warehouse. The same time last year, we had roughly 90,000 pairs of shoes in stock. At last count, we have 150,000 pairs and I’d say we actually have closer to 180,000 pairs now. That’s double the amount in just a year, which means double the selection for our customers! We had to expand our warehouse and we finally finished construction recently. Check out a few flicks from our warehouse.

Here’s Row 12, looking up at Row 62 above.

But once we go up the stairs ……

…… we’re in Row 62, looking down on Row 12 below. =D

Work-Time Fun: KC & Sylvia’s Twin Game

Check out these pics from KC and Sylvia’s Secret Twin Game here at the Shoe Metro offices. The story goes that the two good friends had wanted to organize Twin Day across the whole office. But then they got the idea to dress as twins unannounced and see who would even notice. It took until 2pm in the afternoon before anyone noticed (I was the winner, thank you very much =D). After that, we had a mini-photo shoot in our warehouse, full of various shenanigans.

Come by the Shoe Metro Facebook page to check out more of the fun times! =)

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