Imagine taking a bath in a big, giant, fabulous shoe! How great would that be, right?

A designer in Italy had that exact idea and created a line of tubs that look like women’s platform heels. These tubs are built for you to recline into with your head at the heel and your feet at the toe. Water streams down from the jet at the heel and drains out at the toe. They come in a number of designs, all decorated in an elaborate glass mosaic style. There’s even one based on heels worn by a Barbie doll (the tubs were unveiled last year, which was Barbie’s 50th anniversary).



Photo: Manolo

Photo: Manolo's Shoe Blog

I just wish we could have shoe-shaped soap and shampoo bottles to go with the bathtubs. And shoe-shaped sponges. And shoe-shaped bubbles! At the very least, they should design a shower in the shape of a boot. THEN, my life would be complete.