Weird Shoe Wednesdays: Coloring Pencil Shoes Color While You Walk

Do you want to make your mark on the world? With these shoes, you could do just that. Literally.

These concept women’s sandals by designer Lauren Milroy are sculpted from coloring pencils in such a way so that when you walk, the pencils will draw on the ground. Think of the possibilities: dancing away on the concrete only to leave a beautiful mural in your stead, leaving messages in the sidewalk as you stroll. Although I guess wiping your feet might be an issue.

Are Flip Flops Bad For Your Foot Health?

I just read a story the other day in the Daily Mail about how flip-flop sandals might be hazardous. It definitely makes me re-think my summer attire just a bit. But it’s a good thing we’re moving into Fall fashions soon. Here are some pertinent grabs from the article, which you can read in full here:

“More than 200,000 people visit their GP or even end up in hospital every year after suffering falls or developing long-term problems …

But experts are warning of the dangers of prolonged use, such as the risk of shin splints and joint pains.

They say flip-flops force people to change the way they walk so that when taking a stride they put pressure on the outside of their foot, rather than their heel, causing long-term damage.

And there is also the risk of serious injury from tripping over.

Frequent complaints include twisted ankles, but some have broken their arms or wrists after falling because their flip-flops caught on uneven ground.”

What do you think? Will you be wearing flip-flops less now?

Weird Shoe Wednesdays: From Sneakers to Sandals in an Instant

For those times when you mistakenly wear high-top sneakers only to realize how terribly hot it is outside, you now have the perfect shoe for that occasion. Deemed the Modular Shoes, these shoes convert into a number of different styles thanks to the copious number of zippers embedded into the design. So you want to rock the flip-flop sandals instead of the sneakers after all? A little zip-zip here and there and voila!

Weird Shoe Wednesdays: Guns, Brass Knuckles, and Heels

Oh if looks could kill … wait, maybe they can. Okay, not really but they certainly look extremely dangerous. Below are two very violent-looking shoes. The first is the Chanel Gun Heel, a satin platform sandal with a 90mm gun heel. First worn by Madonna in 2008, they were released as part of the Chanel Cruise 2009 collection and went for roughly $2,200 a pair.

To give some sense of how absurd these gun heels are, take a look at these booties with brass knuckle-shaped heels. The weapon theme remains with a brass knuckle heel in place of the gun heel. But these heels are sold at a shop that specializes in adult-themed costumes. Yes, this is a novelty costume item, not made for actual, public use. This is intended to be a costume, not to be real fashion. Seriously, how in the world did anyone think attaching a gun to a shoe would be chic? Oh, designers …

Weird Shoe Wednesdays: Shoe Car Extravaganza!

Welcome back to Weird Shoe Wednesdays! To make up for my absence last week, I’ve brought out some extra special, extra weird, extra eye-popping shoes for you this week. We all know the primary purpose of shoes is to help protect our feet and let us travel farther than if we were barefoot. Well, many different people have taken this transportation function of shoes to the next level. And so we have a plethora of shoe cars!

Of course, we have the classic high-heeled pump in a sort of motorized reverse tricycle design. In sexy red, no less. Red high heels? And cars? Men basically have no chance of resisting. Continue Reading…

Shoeblog Interviews Pasquale Fabrizio

Shoeblog recently had the wonderful privilege of speaking with Pasquale Fabrizio (click here for the interview), who you’ll remember as the ambitious designer of the forthcoming all-glass heels featured some weeks ago. It’s a good interview (with more great photos of the beautiful shoes as well) in which Fabrizio reveals his thought process and the inspiration behind the glass concoctions. He also talks about the difficult process of designing the shoes and having to bring in industrialists because they were more familiar with glass than any fashion designers. Finally, he has some interesting comments about the social value of shoes between men and women.

Photo: Shoeblog

Photo: Shoeblog

Unfortunately, it sounds like I guessed correctly that his line of glass shoes will only be available to Hollywood elite, being priced at $7,500. But he interestingly didn’t patent the process of developing the amazing sandals, leaving room for other designers to be able to build on his ideas in the future, possibly at an affordable price point for all of us to be able to enjoy. Here’s for looking to the future!

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Weird Shoes Wednesdays: Q by Pasquale’s Glass Shoe Collection

Last week’s Weird Shoe Wednesday was pretty gross so this week, I chose some very pretty shoes. I wouldn’t necessarily say they are weird-looking so much as it’s a novel concept and I really hope it actually works.

Photo: Sassi Sam

Photo: Sassi Sam

Photo: Shoeblog

Photo: Shoeblog

Pasquale Fabrizio, go-to cobbler/shoe guru for Hollywood, is releasing his own line of shoes called Q by Pasquale, an ALL-GLASS collection of high-heeled sandals. No, not just some transparent synthetic material. Glass. As in what Cinderella was sporting way back when. At first, I thought it might just be a case of creating shoes as an art piece (like these other glass shoes featured previously). But no–Fabrizio actually intends for these heels to be worn (probably only by the Hollywood elite, but still). And if there’s anyone that could make it happen, it’d be Fabrizio, if his track record is to be believed at all.

Me personally, I’m a clumsy, stumbling, bumbling idiot, so I’d be very scared if anyone around me was wearing glass shoes. I really don’t want to be the reason one of my friend’s glass shoes shatters into a million pieces, leaving them out of a very fancy/expensive shoe and probably with a lot of nasty cuts on their foot. No, I think I’ll stick to good ol’ malleable leather.

And because I’m still having second thoughts about the weirdness of these glass shoes and wanted to stay true to Weird Shoe Wednesdays, some Giraffe heels, after the jump.

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