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Hi! I’m Danielle, the buyer at Shoe Metro.

I have a deep love for fashion, interior design, and anything creative. When asked, I jumped at the opportunity to blog about fashion because it will give me a way to document all of my current fashion obsessions, inspirations, and ideas.

Fall’s latest footwear features glitz and glamour ranging from pumps covered in sequins to glitter saturated sandals. Perfect timing with the holidays right around the corner. Although the glitter trend seems to be more evening appropriate it can be dressed down as well.

Here are a couple of my favorites…

Miu Miu Glitter Peep Toe Pumps

Christian Louboutin Glitter Oxfords

Looking for some sparkly shoes for the holidays and the $700 price tag is a little too steep for you?

Check out the Steve Madden Haylow

I absolutely love these shoes! These would be perfect for a holiday party with a classic little black dress!

Weird Shoe Wednesdays: Red High Heel Speakers

No, I have no idea why you would need your speakers to be in the shape of classic, red, high-heeled pumps. But do you need any other reason besides the fact that it would make you awesome? Though I do wonder how the heel cup part of the shoes would affect the acoustics of the music and sounds coming out of the speakers. Anyway, enjoy!

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Weird Shoe Wednesdays: Ice Cream Heels

Summer is officially here, which means lots of things: sun, beaches, waves, lemonade stands, picnics, flowers, city fairs, vacations …… and of course, delicious, cold, dripping ice cream!!! Check out these delectable ice cream heels below. While I’m not sure what flavor ice cream the blue scoop is, I know I would still eat it if it came off that shoe and into my mouth. Yum!

The Man-Heel Is In

The man-purse was only the start. Recently, there’s been a trend of high heels for men. The Times reports:

“The man-heel — or “meel” as some have termed it — is simultaneously a coming trend in several wildly different milieus. The most eye-catching examples are to be found in the semi-Goth, semi-glam society of high-fashion menswear obsessives. The natural territories for these platform-heeled pioneers include Hoxton, TopMan at Oxford Circus and various international fashion weeks. In Paris this spring, both Gareth Pugh’s and Rick Owen’s shows were attended by high-heeled male audience members. It was the same at Rodarte in New York and Pam Hogg in London. Notable man-platforms are being produced by Jean-Michel Cazabat and Owens himself. Both offer man-heels of about four inches and upwards.”

What do you think? Is this a good look for men?

Weird Shoe Wednesdays: Shoe Ice Cubes

This Memorial Day Weekend has unofficially rung in the summer season. So while you’re under the canopy, swinging on the hammock, or laying on the beach sands, enjoy a cold, refreshing drink with the help of these high heel-shaped reusable ice cubes. These shoe ice cubes are full of distilled water and are obviously food-safe. They’re available in packs of 6 from Golda’s Kitchen, which specializes in “Kitchenware for Canadians,” whatever that means.

Weird Shoe Wednesdays: Teeth Shoes

Today on Weird Shoe Wednesday, we’ll be looking at teeth-inspired shoes. I’ve very recently gotten braces installed and so all I can think about is how much my teeth hurt when I attempt to eat my favorite foods (I can’t believe I can’t eat Peanut M&M’s anymore!) or even when I brush. My obsession has driven my search for any sort of combination of teeth and shoes.

And, wow …… I found these. This is a sculpture by artist Robin McCauley. Thankfully, he used fake teeth and a pair of women’s shoes he found at a thrift store. But still, how scary are these? I know the teeth are on the outside but I still can’t help imagining the heels chewing and feasting on any feet that dare slip into them. *chills* Continue Reading…

Weird Shoe Wednesdays: Shoe Car Extravaganza!

Welcome back to Weird Shoe Wednesdays! To make up for my absence last week, I’ve brought out some extra special, extra weird, extra eye-popping shoes for you this week. We all know the primary purpose of shoes is to help protect our feet and let us travel farther than if we were barefoot. Well, many different people have taken this transportation function of shoes to the next level. And so we have a plethora of shoe cars!

Of course, we have the classic high-heeled pump in a sort of motorized reverse tricycle design. In sexy red, no less. Red high heels? And cars? Men basically have no chance of resisting. Continue Reading…

How-To Guide: How To Fix Broken High Heels

I recently took a gander at my sister’s shoes and they were in terrible shape. The uppers only had minor scuffs but the heels were absolutely mangled and I wondered how she could ever walk in them around the linoleum floors of her classroom (she’s a middle school teacher, by the way) all day long.

So for my sister, I’ve researched how to replace those damaged heel tips to enable smooth comfort again. I hope this helps you as much as it’s helped her!

Photo: TLC

Photo: TLC

Weird Shoe Wednesdays: ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Shoes

Nicholas Kirkwood announced plans to design a special pair of Alice In Wonderland-themed shoes for window display to coincide with the upcoming release of Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland movie. But what he didn’t know is that Miss Bunny, an artist on Etsy, already beat him to the punch.

These two pairs of Alice In Wonderland wedges take after the Cheshire Cat and the Queen of Hearts. As you can see, they’re decorated all sorts of trinkets from the movie including clocks, mushrooms, cake, and a deck of cards. The Cheshire Cat shoes have a tail that wraps up your ankle; the Queen of Hearts shoes have dual twisty ankle wraps adorned with even more playing cards. I’d say the tail is definitely the creepiest part of this whole mess. It reminds me of the Boyfriend Body Pillow that’s supposed to hug you to sleep but ends up feeling kinda disturbing. *shivers*

More pics after the jump.

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Cake Maker Creates Designer Shoes and Handbags from Chocolate

Yum! Here’s some tasty news. There is a cake maker in London who has taken to crafting shoes and handbags out of chocolate. They go for a pretty penny, ranging from £8.50 – £21 (about $14USD – $34USD). But they are still high in demand. The cake maker, Frances Cooley, supplies her chocolaty creations to 25 local boutiques and delicatessens. Recently, her candy shoes have also been picked up by luxury department store, Liberty (like the Macy’s of London, I think).

Photo: Telegraph

Photo: Telegraph

They look great but I think if I had a pair, I’d be very conflicted. I’d want to keep them up as a souvenir to show off for as long as I could. On the other hand, I have this kinda, really insatiable sweet tooth. I might be able to keep the temptation at bay for awhile. But that one day when I run out of Rocky Road in the freezer …… I’m just saying, those pumps just might turn into flats after I munch on the heels like candy bars (that is, if there’s any piece of shoe left at all). Read more about how the shoes are made at Telegraph.

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