Reebok ‘Year of the Tiger’ Sneakers

New Year’s Day has passed but the Lunar New Year is still ahead (this year, it just happens to land on February 14 …… feisty lovers are sure to be on the prowl). The Lunar New Year in 2010 will mark the Year of the Tiger and Reebok is celebrating by releasing these tiger-inspired sneakers.

The first is the black Pump Omni Lite with sleek, glossy black over matte black tiger stripes and gold liner and embroidery for extra pop. The second is the Pump Fury with glossy red stripes against black matte textile material. Both look really fierce and while the Pump Fury actually resembles a tiger much more, I’d much rather wear the ninja-like Pump Omni Lites because …… well, who wouldn’t rather be a ninja than a tiger?

Check out some close-ups and different angles after the jump, courtesy of

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Reebok Pump Omni Lite – Winter 2009 Releases

You guys will just have to put up with my sneaker obsession a little bit more. Reebok is releasing another set of colorways for their popular Pump Omni Lite kicks. There are four new colorways. The green/brown shoes have kind of a boot-like feel with the metal d-rings and the earthy tones. The standout is the lumberjack-inspired shoe, green with red and black plaid (this must be Reebok’s way of going green). There are also two grey colorways which are more low-key.

Check out a slew of close-ups after the jump (via Sneaker Obsession).

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