Happy Halloween From Shoe Metro

We hope everyone has a very happy Halloween this weekend! May your Halloween festivities be filled with frights and sounds beyond your imagination. Everyone at the office had a ball with our Costume Contest, which included Lady Gaga, a cup of Starbucks coffee, and a blast from the past with the Teletubbies. Needless to say, we had a day full of laughter and shenanigans. Enjoy your haunts!

Shoe Metro Halloween Costumes

From left: Lady Gaga, Dr. Zombie, Referee, Angry Bird, Starbucks coffee, Mom + Baby

Shoe Metro Halloween Costumes

Minh and Quan as Teletubbies

Shoe Metro Halloween Costumes

Nick and Kevin as Teletubbies!

Lady Gaga Wears Meat, McQueen, and Spikes at the 2010 MTV VMAs

Lady Gaga will never cease to turn heads with her daring fashion sense. At last night’s MTV VMA’s, Lady Gaga donned three different outfits that seemed to compete with each other for the Most Outrageous Outfit of the night.

The most talked-about dress is Gaga’s meat dress, below:

When walking the red carpet earlier that evening, Gaga wore a dress designed by the late Alexander McQueen. It looked a little like the ceiling from the Sistene Chapel. What the pic doesn’t show is that she was also wearing the famous Armadillo heels from her “Bad Romance” music video. Check it out after the jump: Continue Reading…

6th Grade Prodigy Covers Lady Gaga’s ‘Paparazzi,’ Becomes a Web Hit

Greyson Michael Chance has become an Internet hit with his rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi,” performed at the Sixth Grade Festival in Edmond, Oklahoma. A lot of folks are saying he’s got enough talent to become a star in the future, maybe one with American Idol in his future. He’s already scheduled for an appearance on national TV, slated to perform on The Ellen Degeneres Show today. Check out his performance below.

What do you think? Does he have it?

Lady Gaga’s Shoes at the 2010 Grammy’s

Last night, the Grammy’s took place, which meant another occasion for celebrities to show off their fabulosity. There were plenty of great looks to go around from a number of celebs. And then there was Lady Gaga, whose outfits always puzzle and confound me with equal feelings of transcendent, joyous wonderment and mocking scorn. At times, I think, “Wow, that looks amazing” and at other times, I’m like, “Wow …… she really made an outfit out of Kermit The Frog puppets.”

Photo: Sindh Today

Photo: Sindh Today

Her outfit last night was a retro-futuristic, solar-system-inspired purple dress that looks like it was ripped straight out of a 60′s Star Trek episode. To complete her ensemble, Gaga sported a pair of towering bejeweled platform shoes, custom-made by Armani Prive (as was the dress). Between these and the ‘Armadillo’ heels from her music video for “Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga must really want to get taller. Someone get the woman some milk, please!

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Weird Shoe Wednesdays: Lady Gaga’s ‘Armadillo’ Heels

Welcome back to Weird Shoe Wednesdays, that time in the week when I get the screwface and a bunch of animated question marks start blinking above my head.

This week’s winner: the “Armadillo” heels by Alexander McQueen, as worn by fashion icon/popstar Lady Gaga in her new music video, “Bad Romance.” The snakeskin monstrosities have 10-inch heels, standing 12 inches high altogether in a sort of claw-like posture. The shoes make a short cameo in Lady Gaga’s video but that was enough apparently. The “Armadillos” and all its siblings look like they’ll be selling out pretty soon. Personally, I think the only benefit the “Armadillos” could ever have that would make them in any way appealing would be if the material was as strong of a protective shell as real armadillos’ shells. Like if the shoes were nearly bullet-proof, military and law enforcement might have to look into getting some pairs to go with their bullet-proof vests.


SRT79HKCTG84. Photo:

After the jump, the runner-up: Harajuku Lovers’ “Dobson” bow-tie boots, via Shoeper Woman (seriously, where does she find these shoes?).

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