Krysten Ritter + Keds + Allure Magazine

Allure featured actress Krysten Ritter from the ABC sitcom Don’t Trust The B—- In Apt 23 in the “Beauty Reporter” section of their June 2012 edition. She’s rockin’ red lips and some sweet red Keds. Champion Original Keds, to be exact. Like what you see? I wonder who could help you land some luscious red Keds like Miss Ritter’s…

Krysten Ritter In Keds

…oh wait. I can! The ease with which you can dress them up or down makes them perfect for any and every summer occasion. My personal faves are these delicious Mint Chocolate Chip (that’s not really the color, I just threw that in beacuse the actual color is Aqua…boring) Keds Champion Candy Stripe sneaks.

Check out more Keds here, or skip straight to the Keds Champion Original in red.

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Celebrity Sightings: Keds

When I think of Keds the first thing that comes to mind is tennis shoes, but that is no longer so!

Over the past couple years Keds has partnered with designers to create limited edition collections. The first one I can remember being really excited about was the Nanette Lepore for Keds collection.

After that I was in love with the Alice + Olivia collection for Keds, super cute sequin covered champions!

If you want to be even more exclusive you can create your own personalized Keds at the Keds Studio or on Zazzle – a DIY website where you can completely customize your own pair of Keds.

Keds have been coming out with some really cute updates in fabrication and colors to their classic Champion styles. And even their original classic styles have been spotted on all sorts of celebrities. Check out these celebs that were spotted wearing Keds around town.

Charlize Theron
in the Champion Canvas Original Navy

Kristin Cavallari
in the Champion Canvas Original Navy

Natalie Portman
in the Champion Canvas Original Red

Weird Shoe Wednesdays: Teeth Shoes

Today on Weird Shoe Wednesday, we’ll be looking at teeth-inspired shoes. I’ve very recently gotten braces installed and so all I can think about is how much my teeth hurt when I attempt to eat my favorite foods (I can’t believe I can’t eat Peanut M&M’s anymore!) or even when I brush. My obsession has driven my search for any sort of combination of teeth and shoes.

And, wow …… I found these. This is a sculpture by artist Robin McCauley. Thankfully, he used fake teeth and a pair of women’s shoes he found at a thrift store. But still, how scary are these? I know the teeth are on the outside but I still can’t help imagining the heels chewing and feasting on any feet that dare slip into them. *chills* Continue Reading…

Bella’s Shoes in New Moon: The Twilight Saga

I couldn’t leave for the weekend without mentioning the phenomenon that is The Twilight Saga. New Moon, the latest movie in the series, premieres today (that is, it premiered last night at the stroke of midnight to legions of bloodthirsty fans). Since we know that all these Twilight characters are way too cool for school to the max, I thought it’d be neat to look into the footwear of one of them, namely Bella.

Bella goes through at least a couple of pairs of shoes in New Moon. Earlier in the summer, she was spotted in a couple pairs of Keds “Champion” lace-ups, one in navy blue (above) and one in beige, while shooting two different scenes in New Moon (the reunion scene and a LaPush scene, respectively). Check out the beige Keds and another pair of shoes that Bella sports in New Moon, after the jump.

Worn during the reunion scene in New Moon

Worn during the reunion scene in New Moon

Continue Reading…