Kanye West & Nike Release The Yeezy 2

Aaaaaaaand Kanye’s at it again. Word on the steets is that his new Yeezy 2 Nike kicks are creating quite the stir, boasting $90,000 eBay bids and causing fans of the rapper’s Yeezy line of shoes to flip their lids.

Nike stores apparently got smart after the release of the first Yeezy shoe created mass chaos in 1990. They’ve implemented their Twitter RSVP Raffle in an effort to avoid bodily injury, the need to camp out for a week to get a pair, and to remind us that even as adults who apparently have a few hundred extra buckaroos to blow on sneakers we will never wear, we still present the need for extra special control measures via the Twitterverse.

Other stores that will carry the Yeezy 2 have followed suit, and implemented raffles of their own, as only a mere dozen or so pairs of shoes will be alotted to each store. Only about 5,000 pairs total are set to be released.

While pre-sale auctions are under way offering the shoe for anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000, the Yeezy 2 will go on sale this Saturday for a retail price of $245.

Kanye West Nike Air Yeezy 2

Kanye West Nike Air Yeezy 2

What do you think? Father’s Day gift of the century?

Hey now – don’t be jealous, ladies. Kanye’s got something for us too. Pearlicious pumps from he and famed shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti are displayed for your viewing pleasure here.

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Would You Ever….

…buy shoes designed by Kanye West?

He raps, he manages record labels, he steals the spotlight from sweet country bumpkins giving awards speeches, and he…designs shoes?

That’s right, folks. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better. Kanye West teamed up with shoemaker Giuseppe Zanotti to create two pairs of women’s shoes that most of us would have to take out a loan to own.

These stiletto sandals, crafted from calf leather (calling all PETA members!), are embroidered with enough pearls to make an oyster cry. Price tag: $4,968.07 (plus shipping + handling from Paris, of course).

Zanotti-West Collaboration Shoe

Zanotti-West Collaboration Shoe

The more affordable (ha!) option are these strappy stiletto sandals in black. Also made from calf leather, but sans the ocean accoutrements, you can add these kicks to your collection for a mere $792.

Zanotti-West Collaboration Shoe

Zanotti-West Collaboration Shoe

So, let’s say you were just handed a check for $5,000. Which pair would you spring for?

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