adidas Decides Not To Release “Shackle” Sneakers

Amidst accusations of promoting racism, adidas made the decision today not to release it’s new “Shackle” Sneakers.

adidas Shackle Sneaker

What do you think About The adidas Shackle Sneaker?

Designed by Jeremy Scott, a New York designer known for his controversial and outrageous creations, the adidas JS Roundhouse Mids have sparked outrage through the adidas fan community. Voicing mixed opinions on adidas’ Facebook page, both fans and critics of the shoe agree it’s a little outrageous that everyone is getting so fired up about the sneaker design.

What do you think? Did adidas make the right decision, or should they move forward with the launch of the JS Roundhouse Mids aka the “Shackle” Sneakers?

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Weird Shoe Wednesdays: Hermes Wears Adidas

For those of us who were ever into Greek mythology as kids, adidas has introduced what looks like a modern update on the shoes of Hermes, messenger to the gods who wore winged sandals. The adidas Leather Wings 2.0 are designed by Jeremy Scott as part of his adidas Originals by Originals collection. They feature leather wings on either side of the sneakers as well as lace jewels in the classic black-white, three-stripe adidas design. They come out on August 10.

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