Welcome back to Weird Shoe Wednesdays. Have you ever thought to yourself, “Hey, I want to walk around barefoot today but I don’t want to hurt my feet at all or worse, risk stepping on a nail and having to get a Tetanus shot. What should I do?” Your problem has now been solved.

Check out this trio of shoes that look like human feet. The hairy ones above are supposed to be men’s feet but it looks more like half-man, half-Yeti feet to me because I have never seen feet that scarily hairy. Plus, the inside lining looks like a really bad case of athlete’s foot. Or rotting meat. =(

After the jump, you’ll see a similar pair of shoes only less gross and in a lace-up style. You’ll also see some white Vans slip-ons that had feet painted on the uppers by a political artist named Okat. Head over to Design Swan for more creeptastical shoes.

UPDATE: Looks like the shoes above and also the lace-ups after the jump are Nike Human shoes. They should’ve tried to sneak a Nike swoosh on the toenails or something, hah.

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