Shoes are out of control!

This week’s Weird Shoe Wednesdays is dedicated to Andreia Chaves, avant garde footwear designer and creator of the ‘invisible shoe.’ The shoe contains a mirrored surface to create the chameleon-like illusion of invisibility, blending in perfectly with any background it finds itself in, which is certainly an interesting step from Nike’s “Invisible Woman” Fantastic 4-inspired Air Force 1′s. To be fair, this isn’t exactly a “shoe” in the sense that they don’t seem to be made for actual practical use. Rather, this is like an abstract conceptual blueprint, a piece of art meant to provoke the minds of other designers. Still, they are quite clever and very eye-opening.

Check out more conceptual footwear from Chaves as well as some interesting commentary over at Yatzer. Maybe someday, us regular folk will be sporting origami footwear too.