More Soles4Souls Donations!

I can’t say enough how much I’ve been impressed by our young students in these last couple of months. Students from the high school level and even on down to the elementary level have poured their support in for our Haiti relief campaign. And even though our promotion has ended, students are still showing their strength and ability to mobilize for good causes.

Student Alex Kyrillos dropping off the donation

Student Alex Kyrillos dropping off the donations from Bishops School

That said, all of us at Shoe Metro would like to thank the students of Bishop’s School in San Diego and also those of Spreckles Elementary for their donations. Both schools made large contributions, with Bishop’s giving about 450 pairs of shoes alone. There are still victims in Haiti and now Chile has suffered its own devastating earthquakes. These gifts are sure to help both in these hard times. Thank you again!

Soles4Souls Donation Campaign is a Success!

Our Soles4Souls-Haiti relief promotion has officially come to a close and it has been a wild success! We’ve collected nearly 800 pairs of shoes in our tiny little store to send off to victims in Haiti. We want to send a big, big, BIG THANKS to all of our customers and also, all of our employees who contributed to the effort.

Hand-painted shoes from Torah High School of San Diego.

Hand-painted shoes from Torah High School of San Diego.

We’d like to send a very special “Thank You!” to the following organizations who made a huge impact on the campaign with their donations: the Kaiser Permanente offices in La Mesa, CA; Bernardo Heights Middle School, who donated 200+ shoes; and Torah High School of San Diego, who contributed more than 50 new pairs of shoes, beautifully hand-painted by the students themselves. Thank you!

If you have any shoes you would like to give to the cause, Shoe Metro is still accepting donations on behalf of Soles4Souls. Feel free to come by our retail store and drop them off!