So, you’ve made your list, you’ve checked it twice, and if you’re anything like me you’ve had to find (emphasis on find) and then combine the twelve or so lists that you’ve been attempting to keep all year long so that you can oh so wittily surprise someone with something they mentioned they needed back in March. Now that you’ve got your list together, you actually have to move from the planning phase to the execution phase.  And yes, you should get the things on said list prior to the week before Christmas.

I know Hurricane Sandy is really messing with the execution phase of this plan, but never fear, Shoe Metro is here.  We’ve put together some of our most popular items so we can suggest some Early Bird Gift Ideas just for you. Perhaps you’ll find the motivation you need to get a head start on the holiday season. You know what they say…

Early Bird Gift Idea #1 | Slippers

Early Bird Gift Ideas - Slipper Suggestions

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Early Bird Gift Idea #2 | Warm Winter Boots

Early Bird Gift Ideas - Warm Winter Boots

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Early Bird Gift Idea #3 | Hand Picked Classics

Early Bird Gift Ideas - Hand Picked Classics

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Early Bird Gift Idea #4 | On Trend

Early Bird Gift Ideas - Trendy Winter Wardrobes

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Early Bird Gift Idea #5 | Sporty Styles

Early Bird Gift Ideas - Sporty Styles

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Early Bird Gift Idea #6 | Casual & Comfortable

Early Bird Gift Ideas - Casual & Comfortable

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