Get Your Summer Body On: Choosing the Right Shoes for Your Workout

Best Shoes For Your Workout

The months just before and during summer are the best to be active. Longer days mean more hours of sunlight after you’ve put in your 9-to-5 at work. Barbeques, the beach and summer sun – who doesn’t want to be outside and look good while doing it? Gearing up can be expensive, but not when you can get brand name discount shoes. If you’re not yet at your summertime prime, here’s a list of the best footwear that’ll help get you from flab to fab in no time. If you’re a beginner, big name and big dollar shoes are best left to the experts. Stick with the basics. Comfort, quality and practicality are what you need.

If running is your sport of choice, there are three main categories of shoes to explore.

Motion Control Running Shoes
Look into these if you have a low arch or flat feet. Motion control running shoes are designed to counteract the natural inward rotation (overpronation) that commonly afflicts runners with low arches. These shoes tend to be more rigid and bulky – their structure helps prevent the excessive rotation that often times leads to injuries.

With its firm midsole and rigid structure, the New Balance WR1012 is a great option when it comes to motion control running shoes.

New Balance WR1012

Stability Running Shoes
These shoes are the Goldilocks of running shoes – not too firm and not too cushioned – they’re just right. Designed for runners with a normal instep, that is, not too arched and not too flat, stability running shoes enlist only moderate control features.

Nike Linarlite+ 2 A great shoe for the normal-footed runner, the Nike Lunarlite+ 2 is lighter than its motion control counterpart, but maintains a high level of support and cushioning.

Cushioned Running Shoes
This one might be pretty self explanatory. Look to cushioned running shoes for relief if you have high arches. The increased cushioning in these shoes allows for greater support and shock absorption that aren’t naturally provided by high-arch insteps.

K Swiss Tubes Run 100 are perfect for the job. Enhanced flexibility is achieved by the anatomically correct flex-grooves. The cushioned midsole is complimented and enhanced by the feature that gives this shoe its name – the tubes. K Swiss Tubes Run 100

If you enjoy taking your exercise with a dose of fresh air and a side of nature, then hiking is probably where your next adventure lies. For the light to moderate hiker who enjoys day hikes, or weekend backpacking trips where you may be carrying light loads, a hiking boot with a mid or high cut is ideal. These kinds of boots can be moderately flexible, and are perfect for ankles that are prone to rolling.

Hi Tec Total Terrain Mid WP

Take a look at the Hi Tec Total Terrain Mid WP for durable waterproof construction and comfort.

If you’re gnarly enough to tackle CrossFit, you deserve a shoe that can keep up. You want to look for a shoe that’s lightweight (think lots of mesh), durable (let’s face it, these shoes are going to be put through the ultimate test of quality) and has a neutral (or close to) drop from the heel to the toe. This neutral drop increases ankle and knee stability and decreases your chances of getting hurt.

Start with a shoe that was named one of the best CrossFit shoes of 2012, the New Balance WX20. New Balance WX20

So go on, get out there and tackle your Summer get-fit routine. No matter what your workout obsession, you’ve got a good idea of where to start when choosing the footwear that will keep you comfortable and coming back for more.

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