Weird Shoe Wednesdays: Nina Ricci ‘Turtle Dove’ Booties & Holiday Sweater Converse

I realize that Christmas was last week and Hanukkah ended the week before but Kwanzaa is still upon us so dang it, I’m still keeping my holiday spirit, thank you very much!

This week for Weird Shoe Wednesday, we have two pairs of holiday-themed shoes. The first choice (the good-looking choice) is a pair of shearling ankle boots from Nina Ricci (above) featuring a beautiful perspex heel that shimmer like a frozen winter icicle. If you look more closely, the heel is actually sculpted into the shape of two turtle doves in flight. They are very elegant and just a little bit …… poetic, I think. What better way to walk into the new year (and new decade!) than with hope lifting your feet?

Photo: Shoewawa

Photo: Shoewawa

The second choice is this pair of knitted Converse hi-top Chucks that remind me of those ugly holiday sweaters that my mom or aunt or someone or other would make me wear when I was small. The wool uppers are hand-knit and then hand-stitched onto the canvas uppers of the All-Star Chucks. Courtesy of PrettySneaky at Check them out after the jump.

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Sex and the City II Trailer + Shoes

A trailer and some pics for the Sex and the City II movie were released recently and, more importantly, kim of Shoeaholics Anonymous got a pretty good read of some of the shoes Carrie sports at various points in the movie.

According to kim:

  1. I’m pretty sure these are Christian Louboutin Leopard Pumps. I can’t tell if hers are peep-toe or not, so they could also be Christian Louboutin Pigalle Pony Fur Pumps. But I think they definitely have the signature CL red sole.
  2. These look similar to Christian Louboutin Cap-Toe T-Strap d’Orsay pumps, but the reference sites I found all seem to be replica CL’s. My guess is that at least one of her pairs of shoes will have been designed especially for the movie and will not be made available to the public until after the movie is a hit. They may even be Chanel, as Chanel is highly known for cap-toes.
  3. These are definitely Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers.

Kudos to kim for having such a great eye. Trailer after the jump, because I know everyone’s giddy with excitement!

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Converse Spreads AIDS Awareness, Raises Funds with New Chuck Taylor

Hope everyone had a great holiday! Mine was pretty eventful. For one, I made this pretty great sweet potato salad. For two, I had stuffing that I enjoyed for the first time in my life. And finally, I played some pool with a random homeless guy at my local pool hall (I lost $5 but hey, he earned it). What more could I ask for?

Photo from

Photo from

But that’s neither here nor there. I’m back and today is World AIDS Day. In support of AIDS awareness, Converse has released the Leather Jacket Chuck Taylor as part of the (PRODUCT)RED line. (PRODUCT)RED is a partner brand fronted by Bono, U2 frontman and enthusiastic activist for world charities. A portion of the proceeds from all (PRODUCT)RED products go towards the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. To date, the brand has raised more than $135 million in funds.

The Chuck Taylors themselves consist of motorcycle jacket inspired red leather in a patchwork design with quilted lining, decorative zippers running up the vamp, and a zipper closure at the heel. They retail for $200USD. Check out some more pics after the jump.

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Hand-Painted Twilight Converse Chucks


A talented artist and devoted Twilight fan who goes by Alcat2021 is selling some nice custom Twilight Chucks on Etsy, a website that deals exclusively in hand-crafted goods. The shoes feature a variety of choice characters, symbols, scenes, and quotes from the Twilight Saga. The prices are pretty steep, but I’m sure your love for Twilight runs much deeper anyway so that might not even be an issue. And if you can’t find your absolute most extremely favorite-est character, symbol, scene, and/or quote from Twilight among the available collection of Converses, don’t worry: Alcat2021 does custom orders with anything Twilight-related that you can imagine.

By Alcat2021

Photo by Alcat2021

Alternatively, also has a wide selection of Twilight Converse Chucks and will also make custom shoes tailored exactly the way you want them. More pics after the jump.

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