Weird Shoe Wednesdays: Dr. Marten’s Flash Drives

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, Dr. Marten’s has released these limited edition USB flash drives in the shape of one of Dr. Marten’s classic boot designs. The flash drives stand about 2 inches tall and have a memory capacity of 2GB. Unfortunately, these boots cannot actually be worn, hah.

Weird Shoe Wednesdays: Guns, Brass Knuckles, and Heels

Oh if looks could kill … wait, maybe they can. Okay, not really but they certainly look extremely dangerous. Below are two very violent-looking shoes. The first is the Chanel Gun Heel, a satin platform sandal with a 90mm gun heel. First worn by Madonna in 2008, they were released as part of the Chanel Cruise 2009 collection and went for roughly $2,200 a pair.

To give some sense of how absurd these gun heels are, take a look at these booties with brass knuckle-shaped heels. The weapon theme remains with a brass knuckle heel in place of the gun heel. But these heels are sold at a shop that specializes in adult-themed costumes. Yes, this is a novelty costume item, not made for actual, public use. This is intended to be a costume, not to be real fashion. Seriously, how in the world did anyone think attaching a gun to a shoe would be chic? Oh, designers …

Weird Shoe Wednesdays: Candy Shoes

My dentist told me to eat less sweets but I’m sure that indulging in them through my eyes would be just peachy. It is Weird Shoe Wednesday, after all.

Photo: Dezeen Design Magazine

Photo: Dezeen Design Magazine

Belma Arnautović, a design student from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, Bosnia, designed this collection as her graduation work. Titled Lolice, the collection of shoes is inspired by candies and cakes, featuring ankle boots, heels, and even some towering platforms. And the shoes are actually wearable. Check out more pictures after the jump. Continue Reading…

Weird Shoe Wednesdays: Scarf + Boots = Scoots

Have you ever thought, “Wow, my scarf is so beautiful! If only I could put it on my feet. What should I do?” Well, here’s your answer.

Judari is an Italian company with Russian roots behind the Russy Valenki shoe brand. For the Russy Valenki Spring/Summer 2010 line, they’ve combined two Russian costume traditions into one: valenki boots and Pavloposad woolen and silk shawls, which are traditionally given as wedding gifts. Valenki boots are traditionally made of felt but for warmer weather, Russy Valenki goes with the much cooler wool and silk materials. Besides accommodating for warmer weather, the design makes the boots extremely versatile. As you can see, you can sport these boots in any number of heights and you can tie them around your leg however you please. Very cool, very stylish, and really, what a great concept!

Photo: Style Bubble

Photo: Style Bubble

Runner-up is yet another pair of animal-inspired heels. This time it’s the mythical “unicorn” by way of Roger Vivier. It’s a beautiful shoe. The feathers give the shoe this soft, ethereal air about them, which lends it perfectly to capturing the spirit of the unicorn. But its beauty makes it more tragic that the designer had to add the unicorn horn. Otherwise, it’d be highly wearable. Check it out after the jump.

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Weird Shoe Wednesdays: Maria Blaisse x Camper ‘Crescent’ boots

This week’s Weird Shoe Wednesdays goes to Maria Blaisse, the avant-garde Dutch artist behind the wonderful boots above. These boots are part of Camper’s Camper Together series of collaborations with various artists, sculptors, and designers. Dazed & Confused magazine notes that Blaisse has been experimenting with spherical forms in design since the early ’80s, which must’ve had a lot to do with how these boots came out. They’re an odd pair of boots but I can imagine some women being able to pull it off really beautifully in an uber-cool slouch boot fashion.

Photo: ShoeBlog

Photo: ShoeBlog

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Weird Shoe Wednesdays: Lady Gaga’s ‘Armadillo’ Heels

Welcome back to Weird Shoe Wednesdays, that time in the week when I get the screwface and a bunch of animated question marks start blinking above my head.

This week’s winner: the “Armadillo” heels by Alexander McQueen, as worn by fashion icon/popstar Lady Gaga in her new music video, “Bad Romance.” The snakeskin monstrosities have 10-inch heels, standing 12 inches high altogether in a sort of claw-like posture. The shoes make a short cameo in Lady Gaga’s video but that was enough apparently. The “Armadillos” and all its siblings look like they’ll be selling out pretty soon. Personally, I think the only benefit the “Armadillos” could ever have that would make them in any way appealing would be if the material was as strong of a protective shell as real armadillos’ shells. Like if the shoes were nearly bullet-proof, military and law enforcement might have to look into getting some pairs to go with their bullet-proof vests.


SRT79HKCTG84. Photo:

After the jump, the runner-up: Harajuku Lovers’ “Dobson” bow-tie boots, via Shoeper Woman (seriously, where does she find these shoes?).

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