Weird Shoe Wednesday: Shoes Vending Machine

For impulse shoe shoppers who sometimes can’t wait for the shipping times from online shopping and sometimes can’t take the trouble to go out to their favorite shoe boutique, there is now a solution: shoes vending machines.

Okay, well, ONE shoes vending machine. There is a vending machine in London, on famed Carnaby Street, that sells running shoes. The machine holds 24 pairs of running shoes in six different sizes. It’s in a prime location for tourists to peruse, which is great for active tourists who may need to switch up their shoes after so much walking about. I’m not certain but from looking at the picture, I’d guess the shoes are all either Asics or the Onitsuka Tiger sneakers line from Asics.

What do you think: do you want Shoe Metro to expand into the shoes vending machines business?

Winner on Facebook!

We’ve hit 400 fans on our Shoe Metro Facebook page and, as promised, we’re giving away a pair of shoes!

We want to send our congratulations out to April, a loyal Shoe Metro customer and avid Facebook fan, who just won a free pair of Asics Gel-Strike running shoes from us! Hopefully, they’ll help her conquer her next marathon run. Good job!

Congrats to April!

Congrats to April!

Don’t forget to become a fan on Facebook. We definitely have more prizes in store for you if you do. =)

Nike Air Max 90 Hamburger

Have you ever seen shoes so good-looking that you could just eat them up? I guess artist Olle Hemmendorff has and decided to make that feeling into a reality when Nike commissioned him and 7 other artists to showcase their Nike-inspired creations at 1912 Space. Check out Sneakerfiles for more info on the different ingredients in the shoe.

After the jump, check out some Asics that would go perfectly with that burger. Now excuse me … I suddenly have this inexplicable craving for McDonald’s.

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