Weird Shoe Wednesdays: Alexander McQueen Floral Wedges

If you wanna go for the Greek mythological deity look, you should check out these floral-sculpted wedge sandals. Designed by Sarah Burton, these wedges come from the Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 runway collection. These happen to be the single style from the collection available for sale. That is, if you have $3500 laying around. Of course, if you’re a deity whose worshippers offer gifts of money, you might be good in that department. In which case, you can buy the shoes from Neiman Marcus here.

Photo: Talk Shoes

Photo: Talk Shoes

Seen at Talk Shoes. You can see the rest of the Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 runway collection at I Want – I Got.

Lady Gaga Wears Meat, McQueen, and Spikes at the 2010 MTV VMAs

Lady Gaga will never cease to turn heads with her daring fashion sense. At last night’s MTV VMA’s, Lady Gaga donned three different outfits that seemed to compete with each other for the Most Outrageous Outfit of the night.

The most talked-about dress is Gaga’s meat dress, below:

When walking the red carpet earlier that evening, Gaga wore a dress designed by the late Alexander McQueen. It looked a little like the ceiling from the Sistene Chapel. What the pic doesn’t show is that she was also wearing the famous Armadillo heels from her “Bad Romance” music video. Check it out after the jump: Continue Reading…