adidas Decides Not To Release “Shackle” Sneakers

Amidst accusations of promoting racism, adidas made the decision today not to release it’s new “Shackle” Sneakers.

adidas Shackle Sneaker

What do you think About The adidas Shackle Sneaker?

Designed by Jeremy Scott, a New York designer known for his controversial and outrageous creations, the adidas JS Roundhouse Mids have sparked outrage through the adidas fan community. Voicing mixed opinions on adidas’ Facebook page, both fans and critics of the shoe agree it’s a little outrageous that everyone is getting so fired up about the sneaker design.

What do you think? Did adidas make the right decision, or should they move forward with the launch of the JS Roundhouse Mids aka the “Shackle” Sneakers?

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Weird Shoe Wednesdays: Kermit The Frog Adidas Shoes

Taking it back to Sesame Street, Adidas will be releasing a limited edition run of these Kermit The Frog-inspired Adidas shoes in classic shell-toe form, of course. The Kermit shoes are being released in late October/early November. They feature green suede uppers and a tongue mimicking Kermit’s iconic jagged collar. And just to keep it extra cool, “The Original In Hip-Hop” is printed in gold on the side, though you wonder if Kermit shares Adidas’ taste in music and culture as well.

Kermit The Frog Adidas Shoes

Photo: City Sole

These should be available at City Sole sometime in the near future. Be on the lookout.

Weird Shoe Thursdays: Facebook and Twitter Shoes from Adidas

Apologies again for my tardiness. It’s been extremely busy around the offices. But really, any day is a great day to check out weird shoes.

If you really wanted to shout your zeal for social media, check out these Facebook and Twitter shoes which I snagged from BuzzFeed. So far, these are only conceptual designs but they certainly look legitimate enough for production. These are designed by Gerry Mckay for Adidas. Each shoe is a take on the iconic Adidas Superstar shell-toe kicks. They feature Facebook and Twitter’s respective colorways as well as signature details such as Facebook’s tagline/slogan printed on the inner collar and the Twitter bird icon.

Photo: BuzzFeed

Photo: BuzzFeed

Photo: BuzzFeed

Photo: BuzzFeed

Do you love Facebook and/or Twitter? Enough to wear these shoes?

Weird Shoe Wednesdays: Hermes Wears Adidas

For those of us who were ever into Greek mythology as kids, adidas has introduced what looks like a modern update on the shoes of Hermes, messenger to the gods who wore winged sandals. The adidas Leather Wings 2.0 are designed by Jeremy Scott as part of his adidas Originals by Originals collection. They feature leather wings on either side of the sneakers as well as lace jewels in the classic black-white, three-stripe adidas design. They come out on August 10.

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Valentine’s Day Heart Shoes!!!

Valentine’s Day is this weekend (and don’t forget the Lunar New Year, too). Time for a heart-shaped shoe extravaganza!!! Here is a plethora of such shoes in sandals, booties, pumps, or sneakers coming from brands like Marc Jacobs, Naughty Monkey, Tory Burch, Nike, and more. Check out all the rest after the jump.

Marc Jacobs heart platform sandals

Marc Jacobs heart platform sandals

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Adidas Developing €1 Shoes for Bangladesh

Sorta staying in the same inspirational mood as yesterday’s post about TOMS Shoes, Adidas announced earlier this week that it was in the process of developing extremely cheap trainers to aid the millions of people worldwide who do not own shoes. As it hasn’t finalized the design and/or production costs of the shoe yet, it hasn’t finalized a price yet either. But Adidas is aiming for a €1 price point (about $1.50USD). The company plans to begin production in Bangladesh next year.

Can you imagine: shell-toes for about $1.50?

Can you imagine: shell-toes for $1.50?

Adidas likely isn’t doing this for the most admirable of reasons, like TOMS Shoes. Sports apparel companies like Adidas and Nike continually come under fire for exploiting workers in developing countries. This is probably just a move to clean up the company image a bit. Still, this is very positive news and hopefully, it’s a sign of a growing trend of socially responsible business. And hopefully, Adidas also decides to promote their new shoes by reuniting Run-DMC (with all due respect to the late Jam Master Jay, of course).

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Nike Jordans Worth Losing Your Team’s Sponsorship For

This is somewhat old news by now but I’m just hearing confirmation about it today. About a month ago, there was some controversy with Marcus Jordan, the son of NBA legend and sneaker fiend aggregator Michael Jordan. This year, Marcus is a freshman basketball player for the University of Central Florida. Now, UCF has had a contractual agreement for at least the past 4 years with Adidas to sport Adidas athletic footwear and apparel in return for sponsorship. But Marcus Jordan, the son of arguably the greatest basketball player of all time, could not bear to step into anything less than Nike Air Jordan sneakers. There was concern about what his stubbornness would mean for the team and even for UCF sports in general.

Beautiful enough to fight for?

Beautiful enough to fight for?

Apparently, that meant a lot to Adidas. After Marcus Jordan wore a pair of Air Jordan shoes during one of UCF basketball’s exhibition games, Adidas announced that it was ending its sponsorship of UCF sports. Ouch!

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