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Kanye West & Nike Release The Yeezy 2

Aaaaaaaand Kanye’s at it again. Word on the steets is that his new Yeezy 2 Nike kicks are creating quite the stir, boasting $90,000 eBay bids and causing fans of the rapper’s Yeezy line of shoes to flip their lids.

Nike stores apparently got smart after the release of the first Yeezy shoe created mass chaos in 1990. They’ve implemented their Twitter RSVP Raffle in an effort to avoid bodily injury, the need to camp out for a week to get a pair, and to remind us that even as adults who apparently have a few hundred extra buckaroos to blow on sneakers we will never wear, we still present the need for extra special control measures via the Twitterverse.

Other stores that will carry the Yeezy 2 have followed suit, and implemented raffles of their own, as only a mere dozen or so pairs of shoes will be alotted to each store. Only about 5,000 pairs total are set to be released.

While pre-sale auctions are under way offering the shoe for anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000, the Yeezy 2 will go on sale this Saturday for a retail price of $245.

Kanye West Nike Air Yeezy 2

Kanye West Nike Air Yeezy 2

What do you think? Father’s Day gift of the century?

Hey now – don’t be jealous, ladies. Kanye’s got something for us too. Pearlicious pumps from he and famed shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti are displayed for your viewing pleasure here.

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Hey Dude Shoes Are Here!

With the promise of both style and comfort, Shoe Metro welcomes Hey Dude Shoes to its collection! We’ve started out with just a few styles for you to try out. See how you like them and let us know what you think! This could be the beginning of a very beautiful foot friendship.

Hey Dude Shoes At Shoe Metro

Hey Dude Shoes | Wally

Weighing in at only 150 grams…wait…150 grams? That’s only 155 oyster crackers, 2 cups of microwave popcorn, or 2/3 cup of applesauce. How did Hey Dude manage that? Stop trying to guess – I’ll just tell you. They start with the perfect amount of light weight padding to keep your tootsies comfortable, throw in an anatomically correct leather insole and envelope them in a canvas exterior finished off with an ultra light, yet durable rubber sole.

The real icing on this cake is the Flex & Fold Technology. You can fold them, wash them, roll them and they won’t lose their shape! More flexibility means increased weight distribution. Increased weight distribution means increased nerve activation. Increased nerve activation means better posture. Better posture means bigger muscles, a better tan, a few more zeros on the end of your paycheck, and all the hot hunnies you could ask for. No, not really. We can’t promise that.

Hey Dude Shoes | Riva

What we can promise is that your feet will love these Hey Dude Shoes. Now you CAN have it all – the comfort of a slipper disguised by the dapper of a dress shoe.

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Nike Stores Launch Twitter RSVP

Ever gone in for a pair of fresh new Nikes and come out with a fresh pair of black eyes?




We feel your pain.

Mobs of anxious Nike enthusiasts waiting in line for days to get their feet into the newest release from the athletic shoe gurus aren’t going to play nice when those doors open up and that burst of fresh leather and plastic hits their faces. Oh no, they won’t play nice at all.

In an effort to make the experience of landing your fresh pair of sneaks a more enjoyable one, Nike has made it possible for you to reserve a pair via Twitter. Yes, Twitter.

Nike has set up designated “RSVP Dates” on which they will Tweet a hashtagged term relating to the shoe that is being released. Nike’s followers then have one hour to direct message the store with the hashtag, last four digits of their State/Passport/Military/School ID number, and shoe size. A successful Nike shoe reservation will be confirmed by a direct message from Nike to the follower. All that’s left is to snag your sneaks from the store. Done and done.

Check out more info on Nike’s Twitter RSVP here.

What do you guys think? Good idea, or is Nike just getting sneaky (Ha! Because they sell sneakers…get it?) about building their Twitter following?

Would you use Nike’s Twitter RSVP?

Video | Creative Recreation Spring 2012 Inspiration

Creative Recreation debuted this decadent vid of the inspiration behind their Spring 2012 collection. Check out the seductive, sultry imagery that gives us a peek into the creative minds behind the newest styles Creative Recreation has to offer.

Peruse these Spring 2012 styles exclusively from Creative Recreation:

$64.99 | Creative Recreation Lacava

$64.99 | Creative Recreation Lacava

Also check ‘em out in black.

Like this style, but want to see more colors? Check out the entire collection of Creative Recreation Solano.

$85.99 | Creative Recreation Solano

$85.99 | Creative Recreation Solano

$40.99 | Creative Recreation Cesario Lo

$40.99 | Creative Recreation Cesario Lo

Like these? Love on more colors of the Cesario Lo!

Or, browse Creative Recreation kicks from previous seasons that are always in style.

Post a pic of your Creative Recreation shoes and it could end up on our Pinterest page!

So fresh.

As Seen In Footwear News Retail Guide | February 2012

Check her out!  Our very own Danielle Petri, buyer for Shoe Metro, was interviewed by industry standard setting publication Footwear News.  See the article below for a sneak peak at what you can expect to find in our line-up in the upcoming months, and tell us what you’re hoping to see in our footwear arsenal!

Footwear News Retail Guide | February 2012
Footwear News Retail Guide | February 2012
Danielle Petri | Booting Up

Danielle Petri | Booting Up

New Shoes In-Stock: BOBS by Skechers

We previewed the new BOBS by Skechers shoes earlier this week and now they’re available on (I know–super-quick, right?). Like we said before, these BOBS by Skechers are inspired by the TOMS shoes 1-to-1 charity model: for every pair of BOBS that’s sold, Skechers will donate a second pair to a child in need. Have a heart and try a pair of BOBS.

We have the traditional BOBS shoes–called Earth Day–with classic canvas in Navy, Gray, and Black. But we also have a sequined spin on those BOBS, Earth Mama, in Black and Silver. Click the links for your fave color or you can also click on the images below to check them out.

BOBS by Skechers Earth Day shoes

BOBS by Skechers Earth Day shoes in Navy

BOBS by Skechers Earth Day shoes

BOBS by Skechers Earth Day shoes in Gray

BOBS by Skechers Earth Mama shoes

BOBS by Skechers Earth Mama shoes in Black

Donald J. Pliner Peace Symbol Shoes Now Available

The Donald J. Pliner Peace Symbol shoes we mentioned a couple weeks ago are available on now. For each pair of shoes sold with the peace symbol design on the bottom sole, Donald J. Pliner has pledged to donate $2.50 towards the Peace for the Children Foundation, an organization that helps promote healthy living in children by developing parks and playgrounds in urban areas.

We now have two styles of sandals with peace symbol soles. There is the Donald J. Pliner Ciss wedge sandals in Black or Taupe/Pewter. There’s also the Donald J. Pliner Gustaf wedge sandals in White, Pewter, Natural, Black, or Expresso. Find your favorite pair and donate to the cause at the same time!

Donald J Pliner Ciss sandals in Taupe/Pewter

Donald J Pliner Ciss sandals in Taupe/Pewter

Donald J. Pliner Gustaf sandals in Natural

Donald J. Pliner Gustaf sandals in Natural

Vlado Spectro Shoes at Shoe Metro

Much to my delight, we recently received even more Vlado Spectro shoes in new colorways and designs. The Vlado Spectro shoes are the official shoes of the jerking dance movement that’s become popular in the last couple years. You might see these shoes on celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas. Along with the shoes, Vlado was nice enough to send us posters showcasing different jerk dancing crews around the nation.

Click here to check out all of our Vlado Spectro shoes. These shoes fly off our shelves so get them while you still can. We have a variety of colors available to color coordinate with different outfits including the Wiz Khalifa-inspired Black and Yellow Spectro shoes. We also have the new Spectro 4 model, which is a mid-top take on the signature Spectro 3 shoes. You can click on the pics below to see just a small sample of what we have.

Vlado Spectro 3 shoes in Black

Vlado Spectro 3 shoes in Black

Vlado Spectro 3 shoes in Red

Vlado Spectro 3 shoes in Red

Vlado Spectro 4 shoes in Blue

Vlado Spectro 4 shoes in Blue

Skechers Shape Ups Shoes for Men at Shoe Metro

We just got these new Skechers Shape Ups shoes recently, which made one of our best employees, Kevin, very happy. Skechers Shape Ups are the really popular toning shoes that helps tone your muscles as you go about your daily errands and such. You’ve probably already seen someone wearing them on the street or at the supermarket.

Kevin with his new pair of Skechers Shape Ups

Skechers Shape Ups shoes feature a dynamic rolling bottom that basically throws you off balance a little bit. What happens is that your muscles have to work a little harder to maintain your balance with each step, resulting in potentially firmer leg, glutes, back, and ab muscles. This naturally leads to other benefits such as burning more calories, improving your posture, and decreasing the impact on your joints. Not to mention the convenience of getting a workout without having to hit the gym.

You can click these links to check out our Skechers Shape Ups Regimen shoes and our Skechers Shape Ups Glide shoes. Or just click on the pics below. Have a good workout!

Skechers Shape Ups Regimen toning shoes

Skechers Shape Ups Glide toning shoes

Irregular Choice Shoes at Shoe Metro

The very unique Irregular Choice shoes that we saw last week are now up on the site and available for your enjoyment. These are our first taste of the new, youthful brand. We have three different styles available currently: the Foxy Flowertop heels, the Sweety Bird pumps, and the Specialzo pumps. Now you can prepare to dress your feet up for graduation!

Irregular Choice Foxy Flowertop heels

Irregular Choice Sweety Bird pumps

Irregular Choice Specialzo pumps