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“Black and Tan” Shoe Leaves Nike Black and Blue?

We’re all painfully aware of the politically correct day and age in which we live (or are we…?). We don’t have mailmen, we have letter carriers. We must use the polite pronunciations of Uranus and harass (it’s Ur-uh-nuss and hare-as, duh) unless we want to raise eyebrows. Unfortunately, Nike might not be so in tune with these social stigmas.

While Nike obviously had their bottom line in mind, their attempt to capitalize on the follies and casual drinking of St. Patrick’s Day may have their revenue reeling. The release of a shoe donned the “Black and Tan” has the Irish community up in arms, as the history of that term is less than flattering.

Nike Black and Tan

Nike Black and Tan

As far as the alchemy of alcohol in the U.S. is concerned, a Black and Tan is simply a dark beer (such as Guinness) poured over pale ale (such as Bass), thus creating a layered effect in your pint glass – black on top, tan on the bottom. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a beverage commonly consumed in Ireland.

In Ireland, Black and Tans won’t have you feeling warm and fuzzy after you have a few. The Black and Tans were a paramilitary group that became infamous for atrocities committed against Irish civilians during the Irish War of Independence. The term “Black and Tan” is still an irreverent term in Ireland, and is not likely to lose its negative connotation any time soon.

Are we pushing the limits of political correctness to the point that we’re making mountains out of mole hills, or is there a real problem here?

What do you think? Should Nike apologize? Possibly rename the shoe?

Would You Ever….

…buy shoes designed by Kanye West?

He raps, he manages record labels, he steals the spotlight from sweet country bumpkins giving awards speeches, and he…designs shoes?

That’s right, folks. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better. Kanye West teamed up with shoemaker Giuseppe Zanotti to create two pairs of women’s shoes that most of us would have to take out a loan to own.

These stiletto sandals, crafted from calf leather (calling all PETA members!), are embroidered with enough pearls to make an oyster cry. Price tag: $4,968.07 (plus shipping + handling from Paris, of course).

Zanotti-West Collaboration Shoe

Zanotti-West Collaboration Shoe

The more affordable (ha!) option are these strappy stiletto sandals in black. Also made from calf leather, but sans the ocean accoutrements, you can add these kicks to your collection for a mere $792.

Zanotti-West Collaboration Shoe

Zanotti-West Collaboration Shoe

So, let’s say you were just handed a check for $5,000. Which pair would you spring for?

Post a pic of your shoe splurge and it could end up on our Pinterest page!

Happy Halloween From Shoe Metro

We hope everyone has a very happy Halloween this weekend! May your Halloween festivities be filled with frights and sounds beyond your imagination. Everyone at the office had a ball with our Costume Contest, which included Lady Gaga, a cup of Starbucks coffee, and a blast from the past with the Teletubbies. Needless to say, we had a day full of laughter and shenanigans. Enjoy your haunts!

Shoe Metro Halloween Costumes

From left: Lady Gaga, Dr. Zombie, Referee, Angry Bird, Starbucks coffee, Mom + Baby

Shoe Metro Halloween Costumes

Minh and Quan as Teletubbies

Shoe Metro Halloween Costumes

Nick and Kevin as Teletubbies!

Afterheels: Another Shoe Vending Machine

Wow, London really loves their vending machines. This is the second vending machine we’ve heard about that sells shoes. And they’re both located in London.

The first vending machine we heard about sold running shoes and sneakers. This one, from a company called Afterheels, sells comfortable ballet flats aimed at the club-going crowd. The idea is that if a woman is out dancing all night in her fancy heels, her feet will start to hurt badly. Afterheels flats will allow that woman a chance to change into something much more comfortable. On top of that, the flats come with a small duffel bag to store her original pair of heels..

A pair of Afterheels flats goes for roughly $10 USD. Both the flats and the duffel bag are made from recyclable materials. The flats are waterproof and offer great protection from typical club hazards such as broken glass. They also come in a variety of colors.

How-To Open A Wine Bottle With A Shoe

Check out this video showing you how you can uncork a bottle of wine using nothing but a wall and your shoes (and it looks like something with a flat heel would work best). It’s really neat, although I’m not exactly sure in what situation you might want to crack open a bottle of wine but not have a corkscrew. It kinda seems like it’s designed for drinking on-the-go, haha. Whatever the situation, it’s certainly a handy maneuver.

2012 Olympic Mascots: Awesome, Cool, or Creepy?

London has revealed the official mascots for the 2012 Olympic Games in London and they’ve caused a stir of reactions. The two mascots, Wendel and Matlock, were developed with help from a children’s author. They have one eye to represent a camera lens into the world. And the lights on their heads are a nod to iconic London taxicabs. Personally, I do think they look a little bit weird to me but so do many children’s characters (I know this is an outdated reference but the Teletubbies come to mind) and children seem to love them just fine without my approval.

Check out the video below. What do you think: are the 2012 Olympic mascots super cool or super creepy or somewhere in-between?

Formula One Car Made Out of Puma Shoe Boxes

Continuing with the “shoe car” theme of this week’s Weird Shoe Wednesdays, here’s an interesting video I found where two designers make a model car out of shoe boxes. Puma commissioned The Wilson Brothers, a design duo from Britain specializing in auto parts, to make a model Formula One race car out of Puma shoe boxes. This was done to kick-start the opening of a new Puma store in Chicago. See the team in action in the time-lapse video below.

Check out another video below where Puma had its Ferrari-branded shoes and clothing turned into an F1 car as well. Continue Reading…