Babies are cute. High heels are cute. Why not put them together? And now with the help of online store, Heelarious, you can.

Heelarious specializes in crib shoes for babies. These shoes are “fully functional” but also “not intended for walking.” I’m not exactly sure how the shoes can fit both those descriptions but I gather that these are soft faux-shoes, strictly for decoration, and so none of the foot ache that comes with actually wearing high heels will transfer to the children.

Some critics have bemoaned these shoes for feeding children into beauty pageantry at an even younger age and in general, forcing shallow beauty onto them even earlier. But from Heelarious’ name and their company description, these seem to be intended more as a harmless, tongue-in-cheek joke than anything.

What do you think: is this harmful for children or just plain funny? More pictures after the jump.

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