After looking through some of the fashion from the 2010 Met Gala, I’ve determined once and for all the absolute weirdest dresses on display there. And without further ado ……

Katy Perry’s light-up dress was clearly inspired by a combination of kids’ light-up LA Gear shoes and underground raves. Why, Katy, why!??!

If you stare hard enough at Kristen Bell’s dress, I think you can see a dress somewhere.

Tina Fey, we love you as the strong independent woman that you are. But the pants-dress hybrid looks like an old Missy Elliot music video.

Of course, nothing could be more independent than MIA’s chain-mail armor dress. Charge!!!

I couldn’t tell which one I hated more: Eva Mendes’ sofa cover-turned-dress or Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Hefty Bag-inspired look.

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