We have a special Friday edition of Weird Shoes today because I just found out about these and they’re kinda crazy like that. I couldn’t send you off into the weekend without checking out these shoes first.

Photo: Core77

Photo: Core77

This was an art project called “Level”  by Berlin-based artist Hans Hemmert dating back to 1997. Basically, he threw a party wherein anyone entering the room had to wear blue foam “shoe extenders”–like attachable platforms for your shoes. Guests chose the correct size shoe extenders that would bring them to a height of around 2 meters (about 6’9″). The idea is to bring everyone to the same eye level and help eliminate awkward talking positions at parties.

On the one hand, this seems like a really dangerous idea in that it seems to take away from people’s individuality. On the other, I’m short myself and I can feel sometimes how my short stature affects the way that people talk to me or even approach me. At the very least, I’d be interested to see how differently it would be to talk to someone at the same eye level.

What do you think? Is this yet another way to conform the masses or is this an experiment in empowerment for the short people of the world? Don’t be afraid to leave a comment!

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