Today on Weird Shoe Wednesday, we’ll be looking at teeth-inspired shoes. I’ve very recently gotten braces installed and so all I can think about is how much my teeth hurt when I attempt to eat my favorite foods (I can’t believe I can’t eat Peanut M&M’s anymore!) or even when I brush. My obsession has driven my search for any sort of combination of teeth and shoes.

And, wow …… I found these. This is a sculpture by artist Robin McCauley. Thankfully, he used fake teeth and a pair of women’s shoes he found at a thrift store. But still, how scary are these? I know the teeth are on the outside but I still can’t help imagining the heels chewing and feasting on any feet that dare slip into them. *chills*

By comparison, these Keds sneakers are a bit more sober. Close-ups of a person’s mouth at different angles are printed onto the canvas upper. It might’ve been okay if they’d used perfectly healthy, white, straight teeth. But they opted to go with a more …… natural, realistic look. That is, they show some really ugly, yellow teeth with all sorts of fillings. Not exactly something I’d like to be putting my feet into lest the uncleanliness transfer over to me.

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