It’s that time again! Yes, I realize it’s St. Patrick’s Day so you might be expecting some weird shoes with a green theme or a leprechaun theme. But this pair of shoes is just too crazy not to post. I actually came across them some days ago and it took everything I had in me to hold back until Weird Shoe Wednesday. So I bring you ……

Anything comes when it comes to (s)hoes ... by INSA. Photo:

"Anything comes when it comes to (s)hoes ..." by INSA. Photo:

The “elephant dung” shoes! That’s right. A pair of neon bright pumps with beads running down the length of its 10-inch stiletto heel. And an approximately 7-inch platform made from elephant feces. Titled “Anything comes when it comes to (s)hoes…” the women’s heels are part of an art exhibit on display at the Tate Britain museum in London. They were created by UK street artist, INSA, as a response to Chris Ofili’s controversial The Holy Virgin Mary painting (below) from the late 1990s that depicted Mary as a black African woman and also utilized elephant dung. The dung that INSA used actually comes from the same elephant herd that Ofili used, and it may have even come from the same elephant!

Anyway, I think I’ve looked at this too much already. But what do you think? Is this “Art”? Or just plain gross? Check out the inspiration, Ofili’s Mary, below.

The Holy Virgin Mary by Chris Ofili

The Holy Virgin Mary by Chris Ofili

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