Welcome back to Weird Shoe Wednesdays! To make up for my absence last week, I’ve brought out some extra special, extra weird, extra eye-popping shoes for you this week. We all know the primary purpose of shoes is to help protect our feet and let us travel farther than if we were barefoot. Well, many different people have taken this transportation function of shoes to the next level. And so we have a plethora of shoe cars!

Of course, we have the classic high-heeled pump in a sort of motorized reverse tricycle design. In sexy red, no less. Red high heels? And cars? Men basically have no chance of resisting.

Or if you’d like a brighter, sunnier look, you can roll in a high-heeled sandal.

The rollerskate seems like the most natural way to turn a shoe into a car, seeing as how they already have wheels.

Running shoes also seem like a natural transition from shoes to car since speed is the focus in running. Though I think if Olympic runners were able to wear these Reeboks, it might be a little unfair =P

Or how about a car that’s made out of shoes? I bet it still runs better than the old Camry I’m currently driving.

I’m partial to the red pump car. What’s your favorite?

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