Nicholas Kirkwood announced plans to design a special pair of Alice In Wonderland-themed shoes for window display to coincide with the upcoming release of Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland movie. But what he didn’t know is that Miss Bunny, an artist on Etsy, already beat him to the punch.

These two pairs of Alice In Wonderland wedges take after the Cheshire Cat and the Queen of Hearts. As you can see, they’re decorated all sorts of trinkets from the movie including clocks, mushrooms, cake, and a deck of cards. The Cheshire Cat shoes have a tail that wraps up your ankle; the Queen of Hearts shoes have dual twisty ankle wraps adorned with even more playing cards. I’d say the tail is definitely the creepiest part of this whole mess. It reminds me of the Boyfriend Body Pillow that’s supposed to hug you to sleep but ends up feeling kinda disturbing. *shivers*

More pics after the jump.

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