We’ve all heard about the tragedy and disaster that struck Haiti last week and I’m sure most of us have already made some sort of charitable donation to the Haiti relief efforts. But it still weighs heavy on my mind and so I must ask you to dig even deeper.

Photo: NYDailyNews.com

Photo: NYDailyNews.com

If you can’t afford another monetary donation, I’ve found a couple of ways to contribute some old stuff you might have laying around your house:

  • Shoe charity, Soles4Souls, has pledged to collect and send 250,000 pairs of used shoes to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. If you have old shoes that you don’t wear any more, you can donate them to Soles4Souls and they will send them to Haiti. If you’re in San Diego, you can actually come to our Shoe Metro retail store, drop off your shoes, and we’ll ship them to Soles4Souls. Otherwise, you can enter your Zip Code and find the nearest Soles4Souls drop-off location on their website.
  • ReCellular’s Phones for Haiti program sells old cell phones and donates the proceeds towards Haiti relief. You can donate your phone to Phones for Haiti by mail (you can even print a pre-paid shipping label on their website). ReCellular will sell then sell the phone and donate 100% of the proceeds to the American Red Cross. If you have any old cell phones laying around (I know I have plenty), please send it to Phones for Haiti.

And of course, if you can still make a monetary donation or haven’t yet made one, I strongly encourage you to donate to Doctors Without Borders. I’ve heard both the American Red Cross and Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti foundation come under fire for less-than-honest business practices. But I completely trust Doctors Without Borders and have already made my own personal contribution. Please, I implore you to help however you can.

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