Yes, you read that title right. Shoewawa recently took a look back at some of the ugliest shoes from 2009 and these two landed at the top of the list. The ‘toe’ Oxford shoes by Comme des Garcons feature a smooth, skin-tone upper with 4-eyelet lacing …… and toes painted on with red toenails. Pretty ghastly looking toes at that. To me, there’s just something about skin-imitating clothing I don’t like. It never fails to creep me out and only works for the purposes of Halloween costumes which are supposed to creep you out.

The maxi-pad slippers are actually just a gag gift that you can make for a friend. Since no one in their right mind actually thought this looked good, it gets a pass and is runner-up for this week. It consists of exactly four maxi-pads, some glue, and whatever adornments you might like on the top (find instructions here). Check them out, after the jump.

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