I realize that Christmas was last week and Hanukkah ended the week before but Kwanzaa is still upon us so dang it, I’m still keeping my holiday spirit, thank you very much!

This week for Weird Shoe Wednesday, we have two pairs of holiday-themed shoes. The first choice (the good-looking choice) is a pair of shearling ankle boots from Nina Ricci (above) featuring a beautiful perspex heel that shimmer like a frozen winter icicle. If you look more closely, the heel is actually sculpted into the shape of two turtle doves in flight. They are very elegant and just a little bit …… poetic, I think. What better way to walk into the new year (and new decade!) than with hope lifting your feet?

Photo: Shoewawa

Photo: Shoewawa

The second choice is this pair of knitted Converse hi-top Chucks that remind me of those ugly holiday sweaters that my mom or aunt or someone or other would make me wear when I was small. The wool uppers are hand-knit and then hand-stitched onto the canvas uppers of the All-Star Chucks. Courtesy of PrettySneaky at Etsy.com. Check them out after the jump.

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