Welcome back to Weird Shoe Wednesdays, that time in the week when I get the screwface and a bunch of animated question marks start blinking above my head.

This week’s winner: the “Armadillo” heels by Alexander McQueen, as worn by fashion icon/popstar Lady Gaga in her new music video, “Bad Romance.” The snakeskin monstrosities have 10-inch heels, standing 12 inches high altogether in a sort of claw-like posture. The shoes make a short cameo in Lady Gaga’s video but that was enough apparently. The “Armadillos” and all its siblings look like they’ll be selling out pretty soon. Personally, I think the only benefit the “Armadillos” could ever have that would make them in any way appealing would be if the material was as strong of a protective shell as real armadillos’ shells. Like if the shoes were nearly bullet-proof, military and law enforcement might have to look into getting some pairs to go with their bullet-proof vests.

Photo: iwantigot.geekigirl.com

SRT79HKCTG84. Photo: iwantigot.geekigirl.com

After the jump, the runner-up: Harajuku Lovers’ “Dobson” bow-tie boots, via Shoeper Woman (seriously, where does she find these shoes?).

Photo: Shoeper Woman

Photo: Shoeper Woman

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