Seeing hundreds of shoes pass within my grasp everyday, I can appreciate when a shoe can set itself apart from the pack and give me a little boost in my day. I’ve decided that we must celebrate these sorts of unique shoes that will make me scratch my head. And so I present to you Weird Shoe Wednesdays. Because in an increasingly homogenized world, “weird” is awesome and “Wednesdays” alliterate well with the word “weird.” Why not?

Shoes that could chill your soul.

Shoes that could chill your soul.

This week, we have Dolce & Gabbana’s ‘face’ wedges, courtesy of Shoeper Woman. They have a suede upper with a side silhouette of a face and a jewel for the eye. The shoe towers above anything else with a 2-inch platform and a 6-inch wedge heel. And yeah … it’s a face on your foot. And a pretty creepy face at that, one that seems to stare with thinly-veiled evil intent. It’s like when you meet your in-laws and you know they hate you and would love nothing better than to tie your foot to the end of an Acme rocket about to blast off but they smile in front of you all the same to keep things civil. Yeah, not such a great feeling to carry around all day on your feet, I wouldn’t think.

After the jump, the runner-up for this week’s Weird Shoe Wednesdays, shoes in the shape of a mallard from Chie Mihara (via Fantastic Toe). Much more pleasant.

Chie Mihara Mallard Heels

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