This is somewhat old news by now but I’m just hearing confirmation about it today. About a month ago, there was some controversy with Marcus Jordan, the son of NBA legend and sneaker fiend aggregator Michael Jordan. This year, Marcus is a freshman basketball player for the University of Central Florida. Now, UCF has had a contractual agreement for at least the past 4 years with Adidas to sport Adidas athletic footwear and apparel in return for sponsorship. But Marcus Jordan, the son of arguably the greatest basketball player of all time, could not bear to step into anything less than Nike Air Jordan sneakers. There was concern about what his stubbornness would mean for the team and even for UCF sports in general.

Beautiful enough to fight for?

Beautiful enough to fight for?

Apparently, that meant a lot to Adidas. After Marcus Jordan wore a pair of Air Jordan shoes during one of UCF basketball’s exhibition games, Adidas announced that it was ending its sponsorship of UCF sports. Ouch!

Personally, I realize that Marcus has a very important dad. And I have no idea how much UCF really needs Adidas’ funding. Maybe they’re still pretty well-off, maybe not. But to sabotage the livelihood of an entire sports program just to remind us that, yes, you are the son of Michael Jordan–that’s just not right. Jordan’s are great, to be sure, but really?

What do you think? Are Jordan’s like today’s Helen of Troy? Are they great enough to wage war over? Do these shoes warrant such sacrifice?

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