Is it me or does everyone seem to be training for a race these days?

For the past 4 months, I’ve been training for the Silverstrand Half-Marathon taking place this weekend in San Diego. This is my first race ever. And it’s the weirdest thing that as I started training, it seemed like everyone I bumped into was training for a marathon run of some sort. I’ve discovered no less than four friends who are in-training just like me. I don’t know if marathon-running is becoming more popular now or if I just notice it more now that I’m doing it or if maybe our water supply has been contaminated with Gatorade without our knowledge, turning us into fitness addicts.

Photo by harrykeely

Photo by harrykeely

Whatever the case (and I hope it isn’t the latter), taking on any sort of formal run like this requires you making some adjustments. And hands-down, the most crucial adjustment is to choose the right running shoes. Take it from me: I thought my pair of Nike Air Max’s were perfectly fine to train in. That is, until the hurt started taking over. As you train, you’ll be running hundreds of miles in the same pair of shoes. If those shoes aren’t even close to being perfectly contoured to your unique, individual feet, you’ll actually be doing a good amount of damage to your feet. On top of that, you might not be getting everything that you could out of your running stride and that could slow you down.

To figure out what kind of running shoes you need, you need to determine what kind of feet and stride you have. The easiest way to do that is to perform The Wet Test, as demonstrated below. Video courtesy of Runner’s World, which is an invaluable resource for all runners.

If you’re training for a race too, let me know what type of race you’re doing and how your training is going!

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