Welcome! By some series of highly fortunate events, you’ve stumbled upon the blog of Shoe Metro. To put it bluntly, we sell nice shoes at prices that regular, beautiful people can afford. This blog will be dedicated to sharing our footwear expertise with you as well as sharing all the zany adventures that we experience daily. But we want to know first: how did you fall in love with shoes?

My walk-in closet ......

My walk-in closet ......

My name is Quan and I’ll be your tour guide on these adventures. I’ve been working with Shoe Metro for the past two years. If there’s one thing working at Shoe Metro will do to you, it’ll make you into a shoe fanatic. There’s no escaping it. To quote the resident office sage, Hung: “I never thought I’d own a pair of neon orange shoes.” My sentiments exactly.

When I first started working here, I had two pairs of shoes: a pair of fancy dress Oxfords to wear to fancy occasions and a pair of sneakers for everything else. Now “everything else” requires a dozen pairs of shoes for a dozen different situations–casual but sophisticated sneakers for a classy feel, sandals for summer days, and ultra-chic loafers for that rare night on the town to say nothing of my basketball shoes, running shoes, trail running shoes, and general trainers. Shoes have kinda accidentally become a big deal for me. Who would’ve thought?

What about you? How did you first become a shoe fanatic?

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Ready to go shoe shopping again?